There’s no better time to whip out that pressure washer for some thorough cleaning than summer. A pressure washer can help you with many cleaning jobs. It’s simple to use and has the power to get to even the hardest places and can remove the hardest stains. However, you need proper knowledge before using the washer. The aim is to use the high-pressure water to clean a wide range of surfaces without damaging them. This is often easier said than done and as such, it’s important to have a few guiding tips on pressure washing just to make sure you’re doing things right.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Renting vs. Buying

Pressure cleaning is the easy and fun way to take care of those stains
It can take the dirt clean off. Source: YouTube

Not many homeowners own a pressure washer. It’s a seasonal cleaning tool and it’s not surprising that many homes don’t have it. However, there are cases when only pressure washing will do. At this point, you will have two options. You can either buy the pressure washer and own it or rent it for a few hours for cleaning.

The rental option is usually the better one. Pressure washing is not something you do on a day to day basis so it won’t make any sense to buy something you’d probably use only once or twice in a year.

Besides, the economics of renting are very sensible. A new pressure washer will probably cost you over $400. However, you can rent the same washers for a few hours for less than $75. Considering that you will probably pressure wash at most two times a year, this is a yearly bill of just $150. In addition to this, the pressure washer will probably need some space for storage. If you simply can’t find space on your cluttered storage to put it, the rental option would be your best choice.

Setting Up the Washer

The first step in pressure washing is setting up the entire equipment. The setup procedure will vary from one machine to another. Each machine will also have a set of instructions that you should follow during the setup, so make sure you follow each instruction as stated. The most important thing is to, first of all, familiarize yourself with the pressure washer and its parts. This will make it easier for you to follow the setup instructions given by the manufacturer.

Hook Up the Water Supply with a Heavy Duty Garden Hose

Here's what one looks like
A power washer can take off those tough stains. Source: Ideal

The water source will be an important determinant of how the pressure washer will work. Ideally, high-pressure water sources are recommended. A heavy duty common garden hose should be perfect. You need to make sure that there’s plenty of water coming through the washer for the best results. The washer should always be attached to a water source before it’s turned on.

Cleaning Up the Place

Once the washer is attached to a water source, it’s now time to clean. It’s often advisable to wear some protective gear, especially for your eyes. As the high-pressure water strikes hard surfaces, it may come back at massive speeds towards you. If this hits your cornea the pain will be unbearable. In addition to this, the pressure on water sweeps through debris on hard surfaces with extreme force. If a piece of dirt rushes back your way as a result of the pressure, you will want to be better protected to avoid any unnecessary injuries. The rule of thumb is to stay at least a meter away from the surface you’re cleaning. The pressure should also be low on soft surfaces like wood. Concrete too may need relatively low pressure to avoid any potential damage.

These are basically some of the simple techniques you should know so you can use a pressure washer accordingly. They will help you get the job done effectively and protect you against any potential injuries. Pressure washing should be done at least once a year but twice is recommended too.

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