Halloween is around the corner and even though everyone always seems to be busy working on their costumes, there are still other aspects of Halloween that can be just as effective in enhancing the theme and bring out the fun and excitement in everyone.

Spooky Recipes

Well, let’s start with recipes. Did you know that you can explore simple Halloween-themed recipes that will be just as cute and fun as the costumes? Well, it’s possible and in order to give you great options, we have created a list of funny and cute Halloween recipes that you can easily try out at home.

“Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” - Mason Cooley

Pomegranate Poison Spritz

Blood orange soda for all you vampires out there
Vampiric drink delights. Source: Creative Culinary

We all love pomegranate juice. It’s one of the best drinks we enjoy during fall. However, you can add a simple twist

to the pomegranate juice for a creepier Halloween feel. How about adding some fake spiders into the fruity drink? Sounds like a mean thing to do but as long as we are sticking to Halloween themed recipes, it’s definitely one of the best.


You’ll Need:

  • Pomegranate juice
  • Ice
  • Blood-orange sparkling soda
  • 4 Tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 5 dashes bitters
  • Blood orange
  • Light rum (optional)

Scary-Simple Meringue Bone

Learn these creative DIY recipes
Have a sweet bone in your body. Source: Martha Stewart

Meringues are supposed to be sweet and light but this Halloween we may as well add scary in the equation. Consider some scary bone-shaped Meringue for a great Halloween treat. Talk of killing two birds with one stone. Although the Meringue bone is still a great treat, it’s not far away from a creepy and scary add-on for Halloween this year.

Banana Mummies

Banana boo treats for kids
Fun recipes for the whole family. Source: Food Network

Cute banana mummies are weird but also sweet and (somewhat) healthy at the same time. It’s actually a very simple recipe. The mummy-shaped chocolate cover is a basic disguise for the frozen banana underneath. It’s a great dessert for the whole family but being Halloween we can’t help but notice the makeshift mummies at the top.

Black Magic Punch

Punch for any spooky occasion
Make sure the apple isn't poison. Source: Good Housekeeping

The Black Magic Punch is designed to scare and to delight at the same time. It can be any dark red juice of your choice. The aim is to make it look like some voodoo jar spewing with witchcraft. Although everyone will want a taste of this juice, they will notice the wicked arrangement it comes with.

The Monster Cake

This cake has 360 degrees of vision and deliciousness
If Jim Henson had to make a cake. Source: Bakerella

If you have kids staying at home with you, the Monster Cake would be the best kickstarter for a fun and exciting Halloween night. This simple cake will give you the perfect combination of a beautiful cake

and some Halloween themed cake pops. For kids who know a thing or two about monsters and Halloween, it will be the perfect surprise.


Ghost Cupcake Cones

Tiny itty bitty ghosts make a spooky treat!
Ghostly cupcakes make the scene. Source: Once Upon a Chef

This is yet another amazing choice for kids this Halloween

. All you need to do is to ensure your cupcakes are baked inside a cream cone. Top up the cone carefully to resemble the look of a ghost. You know how a ghost looks like, right? It’s a great recipe for dessert and it couldn’t be more fitting for the Halloween theme.


Spider Cupcakes

Spider cupcakes are the right mix of creepy and yummy
If you're not careful, these treats will try to eat you. Source: Damn Delicious

Eating black licorice is not something most of us get to do on a daily basis but this Halloween you can treat your family with these spider cupcakes

touched with some licorice to go. It’s literally a spider cupcake, it looks like spider albeit it tastes sweeter and better. Give it a try and see how everyone will melt at the sight of it.


Marshmallow Cobweb Cake

More DIY Halloween recipes that can really make a party
A spooky cake will make the party much more fun. Source: The Cake Blog

Still on spiders desserts, if you want something a little bit more creative and creepy at the same time, the marshmallow cobweb cake will be the perfect choice for you. Start by heating marshmallows on your microwave until they become a stingy and gloppy mess. This will be the perfect cobweb texture so go ahead and apply it on your cake, top it up with a fake spider somewhere and you are good to go.

Developing cute and fun Halloween recipes is simple and looking at the options above, it should be easy to make your Halloween this time round even more exciting.

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Like these ideas? Which ones are you going to make? Let us know in the comments below!