1. Demonic DIY!

There are plenty of ideas for amazing Halloween party favors that won’t scare you to death with high prices. In fact, for some you won’t have to purchase anything at all! Try some DIY lighting projects like these gorgeous Jack O’Lantern alternatives to add a eerie, otherworldly charm to your home.

2. Frightening Food!

Your kitchen is sure to be a center of attention for your Halloween get-together which is why it’s always a good idea to have horrifying hor d'oeuvres readily available for hungry guests. There are several recipes which can be done quickly and cheaply. And if you’re short on time or culinary prowess try laying out your usual food selections with some devilish display features.

3. Eerie Entertainment!

A party simply isn’t a party without a variety of entertainment options to keep all your ghostly guests grinning. The trick to these features is to make them available but not insistent. Leave old horror movies playing quietly in the background of your living room, a Halloween inspired playlist echoing away in your kitchen, and if there’s even a chance that kids will be coming over make sure there’s a child-friendly area free with the spooks and scares dialed down.

4. Interior Decorations of the Damned!

If you’re not the “do-it-yourself” type, there are plenty of decor options readily available for less than you would think. Favorites include the fake tombstones, hanging bats and spiders, and window stickers. A graveyard silhouette over your front windows can really add to the Halloween vibe for your home.Choose the perfect options for your own personal haunted home sweet home.

5. Exterior Decor to Die For!

The most common outdoor decorations definitely revolve around the cemetery in your front yard. But there are many creepy clever things to post along yourfence and landscaping to create a uniquely frightening front yard. Consider cutting spooky eyes in toilet paper rolls, and then putting a glow stick inside. Light up eyes are a cheap addition to the haunted atmosphere. So have fun with the decor and have a hauntingly happy Halloween!