Everyone likes desserts, but who has time to bake? To satisfy your sweet tooth and not waste a moment in the kitchen, here are some no-bake recipes that taste amazing. They apply to chefs and dessert enthusiasts of all skill levels and ages. Scroll down for some fun ideas with the kids, or as a way to treat yourself right after a long day at work.


Nutella Whip Cream Pie

People love their Nutella, seeing as it has become a bit of a pop culture sensation on its own. So why not up the ante with a delicious pie made from the wonderous stuff? Basically it boils down to mixing Nutella, cream cheese, cool whip, and some sugar and chocolates together. It’s so easy and tastes incredible, you won’t believe you didn’t have to bake this pie. The hardest part? Collecting the ingredients from the supermarket. Check out the recipe here.


No Bake Cheesecake!

Making cheesecake is a cinch, even without a degree in culinary arts to back you up. Using graham crackers as crust, you’ll never have to touch an oven to create this delectable dish. The only part that takes time is allowing the cake to cool for roughly two or three hours. Nothing quite tastes as good as cool cheesecake on a hot summer day. Then it’s a superb treat for any occasion, even if you want to make one up!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

With a mere five ingredients to its name, this is certainly one of the easiest, hassle-free recipes you’ll come across. Just grab some peanut butter, butter, cracker crumbs, powdered sugar, and chocolate chips. Mix them all according to these instructions, and you’ll have a yummy peanut buttery treat without any mess. Peanut butter squares are definitely a crowd pleaser.


Pumpkin Pie in a Mug

What’s better than pumpkin pie? How about a mess free alternative that you don’t have to bake? Pumpkin mousse in a cup is the best thing since pumpkin pie. Enjoy a single serving of fall happiness with minimal effort and zero baking. Alternatively, make adorable little mason jars filled with pumpkiny goodness to give away to guests and partygoers in your home. This wonderful recipe will have lovers of pumpkin spice and fall over your house again in no time at all.


Fudge Brownies Minus Baking

There are few things as tantalizingly delicious as fudge brownies. And when there’s no need to use an oven to craft these delicious flavors, why wouldn’t you create such a fine dessert for guests or just yourself? Sprinkle some chocolate chips and whip cream to top it off and enjoy.


If you love desserts but don’t like to bake, this is the handy guide list for you. All you need are but a few household kitchen items, some time set aside, and an appreciation for fine treats. The rest is up to you.