A wood fence is by far one of the most common fencing options in the US and for good reasons. Wood is easy to customize and has a unique appearance that makes any property pop. However, we also know that the material is susceptible to damage compared to most other fencing materials. 

Whether it’s water damage, mold accumulation, or even dents caused by unwanted impact, any repairs on wooden fencing need to be done as fast as possible. Nonetheless, wood fence repair isn’t as simple as it looks. 

In case you’re dealing with extensive damage, it may take time, more money, and even additional expertise to get it done. But don’t worry because we have a few tips that may help! 

What is the Average Wood Fence Repair Cost?

A wooden fence is not only functional, but also stylish. Source: Hometalk
A wooden fence is not only functional, but also stylish. Source: Hometalk

The amount of money you ultimately pay for fence repairs depends on a wide range of factors. However, the type of damage is perhaps the most important determinant. 

For instance, rotting is one of the most common issues in wooden fences. Repairing rot in most cases requires the application of certain chemicals. 

You may also need to repaint the entire fence and in worst-case scenarios, the entire fence might need replacing. But on average, people pay between $150 and $500 to repair rotting. But if the rot is too much to a point that the fence needs replacement, the final cost will be way higher. 

Keep in mind that the cost to replace fence also includes labor and the purchase of additional materials. 

Fixing Posts 

Another common issue with wooden fencing is the degradation of fencing posts, which are more or less the supports that hold the fence in place. Without them, the structural integrity of the entire fence becomes compromised. As a result, it starts to sag and eventually falls off. 

The great thing about posts is that they are far more durable and will take longer to experience damage compared to the fence itself, but sometimes accidents happen. For instance, fence posts will slant or move out of position due to the high impact from automobile accidents or other objects. 

Additionally, you may also find cases where the installation of the fence was done so poorly that the posts start to slant a few months later. 

Tough weather is also an important factor. Storms and hurricanes can sometimes be powerful enough to knock fence posts off their feet. When this happens, the rails and panels will slant and bend. 

The average wood fence repair cost for a slanting fence ranges from $134 to $400. The key, however, when it comes to repairing the posts is to do it fast. When one post sags or slants, it simply transfers its load-bearing to other posts. 

In essence, other posts holding the fencing into place start to feel a lot more strain than they are used to. If this isn’t fixed, they too will start to slant and eventually, the entire fence will fall off. So, always get a fence repair quote the moment you notice a single post slanting. 

Fixing Holes

Finally, you may also need to repair holes in the fencing. Now, holes aren’t that common but wood isn’t the most durable material out there. 

Any kind of impact on a wooden fence is going to leave a hole. If that happens, expect to spend somewhere between $125 and $365 to fill up the holes.

Missing Boards and Panels 

Panels and fence railing can fall off due to harsh weather conditions or even rotting. Replacing one or two railings or boards isn’t uncommon and the average cost here ranges between $110 and $330. 

The final fee will be determined by the type of wood you intend to use and the kind of finishing touches you want to put on. But it shouldn’t go above $330.

Need an exact quote for your wood fence repair project? Contact a local pro and request a free estimate!