Fencing, when added properly, can provide your family with extra security and charm. It can serve as a great barrier between the comforts and confines of your home and the unpredictability of the outside world. Fences help keep pets and small children from wandering too far. Sometimes, pets and small children let their curiosity get the best of them and end up getting lost or taken. By adding barriers, they are free to roam and explore the front or backyard but are forced to stay within the perimeters of the house. They also allow you to screen strangers before letting them into your home. In addition, a strong fencing system deters robbers or burglars from entering because it is harder to get passed. A secure fence paired with a reliable alarm system will allow you to sleep better and stress-free at night. Lastly, fences also provide you with privacy. You can enjoy the wonders of the outside without being disturbed or seen from people passing by.

For decorative purposes, fences come in all types of colors, designs, and materials. For example, you can have a steel gate for your modern-style house or automatic gates that you can control with a remote.

Chain link material is one of the cheapest options yet not the most attractive. However, it’s designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape making it far less noticeable than other fences. In terms of security, chain-link is very durable and requires little to no maintenance, unlike a wood or wrought-iron fence. Although chain link does not provide privacy, you can easily customize it to have slats in between the fence mesh to avoid being seen by the people on the streets.

If you are looking for a more stylish yet inexpensive material, you want bamboo. It grows very quickly which is why it is so affordable. This material is sturdy and able to last for years. It can range in height from 3 to 8 feet. It may also add a sense of culture and chic style to any front or backyard.

Another alternative to using hardscape materials is the use of a hedge screen. It is not only less expensive than most fencing materials but also adds color, depth, and texture. Covering the hedge screen with various shrubbery can provide privacy but requires regular trimming and maintenance.

Vinyl, though not a budget-friendly material and has steep installation costs, is extremely durable and low maintenance. Vinyl also only comes in neutral colors such as beige, brown, and tan. This material is guaranteed to last a while and may prove to be a smart long-term investment.

Wood fencing is the most common option for homeowners. It gives off a friendly and natural look. Not only is wood easy to paint or customize to fit the exterior tone of your house but it also comes in many styles. The only drawback to having wood fencing is that it rots, warps, and may get damaged over time.

Metal material is used only if you really to stand out. It also highlights your landscape and is best matched with houses of traditional architecture. Wrought iron fencing is perfect for providing security, is extremely durable, and is very hard to climb. In terms of design, you can add decorative elements or patterns to the tops for a more aesthetic appeal. However, the high price and constant maintenance, are two factors that make this material not a very popular option among homeowners.