The idea of becoming eco-friendly at home and even at the place of work has become very popular. People are now environmentally conscious and are starting to think about everything they do to make sure they are not affecting the environment. But, what does it really mean to be eco-friendly? Does it mean abandoning your lifestyle and changing how you do stuff? Well, it’s actually far from that. In fact, a lot of people have misconceptions about what it means to be eco-friendly. In simple terms, being eco-friendly is simply being aware of how your lifestyle affects the environment or the natural ecosystem. It is also about making choices that promote environmental conservation.

“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.” - Terri Swearingen

This article shows that you can become eco-friendly at home using the following simple techniques:

Cook Wisely

Eat healthier and cook greener
Good, clean food. Source: bitly

The amount of energy needed to cook can be high or low depending on what you are cooking. As an environmentally conscious homeowner, you need to cook in a manner that saves energy. For example, you can start using a pressure cooker that will cook food faster using less energy. You can also cook using residual heat. For example, instead of turning off the oven when the meal is cooked, you can turn it off five minutes earlier and let the residual heat finish the job. Invest also in energy efficient appliances so that you are able to cook more with less time and less energy.

Conserve Water

Water is a scarce commodity and if you don’t use it efficiently, you will be putting yourself and the world at risk of massive water shortage. Make sure that all the taps are turned off all the time. Pay attention to faucets to make sure they are not leaking. Low flow showerheads are also ideal in water conservation. Try and reuse water. In addition to this, if you have a pool, cover it up when you are not using it. Avoid using running water as much as you can. If you need to wash some dishes, some fruits or even some veggies, instead of using a running tap, use a large bowl of water. All these techniques will play a significant role in conserving water, and in the end, the water you save might mean someone else can have clean water.

Energy Efficiency

Clean, green renewable energy for homes
Renewable resources. Source: bitly

There is no doubt that energy is important in making life livable. We can’t live comfortably without energy and that is why we need to use it wisely. Most of the energy sources that we use are not renewable and you have to think that at some point they will run out. In that case, using energy efficiently is one of the most important ways of being eco-friendly.

So, how can you achieve this as a homeowner? Here are some important tips:

  • Insulate your home effectively to avoid energy wastages
  • Change your light bulbs to more energy efficient options. Do the same for water heaters and other home based appliances.
  • Always watch your windows. If you are running the HVAC system, it is important to make sure windows are tightly closed.
  • Don’t forget to install solar panels. Solar may be a little expensive to install but we are talking about an unlimited renewable source of energy that won’t pollute the environment. It will absolutely be worth it!
  • Other important things include line drying instead of machine drying, carpooling, making sure appliances and phone chargers are always unplugged, and fixing damaged appliances as soon as they break.


Recycle, reduce, reuse and have some fun
Help save the Earth. Source: bitly

Recycling is also important for eco-friendly homeowners. Things like plastic bottles, bags, clothes you don’t wear anymore, and even junk in the garage can be recycled. Most cities these days have major recycling centers where you can take your stuff. Make sure you do it on a regular basis. Try and also buy locally available food products instead of those that require a lot of energy to ship. All these methods will allow you to save the planet by becoming as eco-friendly as possible.

The increasing number of homeowners who are becoming environmentally conscious can only be good news for mother earth. In case you are not yet eco-friendly at home, you can begin with these small steps and see how it goes. In the end, you will be happy that you started.