The summer is ending and so is the beautiful bloom of garden flowers that add color to our landscapes. As winter takes hold, it may be hard to even think of maintaining or adding more color to your property. After all, winter conditions are tough. Anything that grows and blossoms will have a hard time flowering during the cold, snowy months. But there are plants that can thrive and ensure your landscape continues to enjoy a touch of colorful bliss even during the tough cold weather.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Look at the pretty white flowers
Hydrangea can be an acceptable addition. Source: Your Garden Sanctuary

Oakleaf Hydrangea gets its peculiar name from its beautiful lobed leaves. The leaves resemble those of the oak tree and thus the name “oakleaf.” The leaves provide beautiful shades of red and orange as the winter months approach. The plant provides outstanding color and texture for any landscape and will persevere during winter too for a long time. The plant is also very low maintenance.

Ornamental Pepper

Spice up the garden with some backyard peppers
What a way to add dramatic color to your garden this fall. Source: Old World Gardens

Ornamental peppers can be grown for both their colorful appeal and their food value. Although the peppers on this plant are not nearly as high quality as the traditional peppers you are used to, they can still be an option during winter. However, the peppers don’t need to be harvested if you’re simply looking to plant ornamental peppers for the landscape. They are going to blossom into colorful shades of red, yellow, purple, white, and orange.

Coral Bells

Look at all the pretty colors!
Even more vibrant colors! Source: Gardenia

Coral bells love shade and they will deliver a delicate stalk of gorgeous flowers for your garden. They are usually planted during spring and summer. The foliage is very breathtaking. Its colorful splendor will revamp the entire space but most importantly, it will be able to last through fall without any additional care. Coral bells do look way better on green backgrounds. If you can put together a few other green plants in the garden too everything will look great.


Like little space tops dotting your yard
Add a plethora of pretty colors. Source: Stephord Sisters

This one is perhaps the most obvious choice for many people. It’s simple to put up and will deliver exactly what you’re looking for. The papery gloom on Strawflowers is perfect for people who want to deliver a more playful touch of color to their landscape. The flowers can also be grown on sunbeds. Although they are short-lived perennials, if you take good care of them, they will always return during fall for the next three or four years.


Another great example of how to add color
Oh, snap! Put in some snapdragons! Source: Flowermeaning

Snapdragons are going to offer a dramatic and stylish appearance for you. When fully grown, the flowers blossom into beautiful shades of orange, yellow, purple, and pink. What makes the plant even more suitable is its resistance to cold. The plant will bloom even in the harshest of fall weather and also winter.

American Beautyberry

Brilliant purple can certainly add a lot!
A sharp splash of color in the backyard. Source: mgnv

American beautyberries will add a glossy high-quality purple feel to your garden. The pure purple berries that result from the plant will have the biggest effect. The plant also produces very unique high-quality flowers. But this will normally happen during summer or spring. The fruits start to come out in fall. Although some people may still want the aura of the flowers, the berries too are very attractive and colorful.

Japanese Maple

Where the red tree grows
It adds a nice layer of red and orange. Source: Grow Beautifully 

If you’re looking for a breathtaking accent tree to fully revamp your garden, the Japanese maple tree should be your first choice. Its feathery leaves form a graceful silhouette. The leaves will turn orange, gold, or crimson during fall. There are some varieties that can also display all the three colors. If you can find them they will go a long way in making a colorful statement on your garden this year.

Adding color to your landscape using colorful natural plants is a big part of exterior décor for many homes. Although plants will find it hard to blossom in their beauty during fall and winter, the ones above will have no problems at all. Give them a try and see how it goes.

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