pumpkin carving ideas
Pumpkin carving is always a fun Halloween tradition! Source: DIY Network

Halloween is rapidly approaching and even though there is definitely a lot we have planned, we cannot afford to ignore a good carved pumpkin.

This is literally the basis of any Halloween. However, instead of just focusing on the same old jack-o’-lantern ideas, perhaps this year you should consider doing something a little bit different. Pumpkin carvings can go a long way in setting the mood for Halloween and they can also be integrated into the usual Halloween décor. 

The following are a few pumpkin carving ideas that will definitely bring a new level of freshness to your house.

1. Pumpkin Vampire Candles 

If you are looking for a non-tacky décor for your Halloween party, then you won’t go wrong with these vampire pumpkin candles. The candles feature fangs and faux blood as part of their look. They are very spooky, but more importantly, different from your average pumpkin carvings.

2. Leaf Pumpkins with Candles

leaf pumpkins with candles
Make a circle of pumpkins for a spooky visual. Source: Wallpaper Flare


Leaf pumpkin can be a great addition to the front door. All you need to do is cut a large leaf-shaped carving on the side of the pumpkin. Fit in some candles inside and let them glow. Although the pumpkin can be finished in any color, neutral shades like gray will achieve the best results.

3. A Pumpkin Family

This is probably one of the most innovative pumpkin-inspired decorations you will ever see. You just use differently shaped guards to create an exact replica of everyone in your household. Of course, it won’t be an exact replicate, especially if you bring in the kids to make the decoration. But it’s something everyone will really enjoy doing.

4. Pumpkin Purse

Making a purse using guards is not something that crosses your mind when thinking about Halloween décor, but it’s a great idea. Just carve an entire hole on top of a large-sized pumpkin or guard. Attach a small handle at the top and that’s it. You can also choose whatever kind of finishing you want on the pumpkin. It’s all up to you!

5. Carved Pumpkin Ice Bucket

carved pumpkin ice bucket
A pumpkin ice bucket is both practical and beautiful. Source: Vicky Barone


This carved pumpkin ice bucket is designed to impress your guests. It’s also perfectly themed for Halloween. Think of it as the average ice bucket for your champagne but instead of using metal to make it, you instead choose a large pumpkin or guard.

6. Plaid Pumpkin Carved Planter

You can also use your large guards as planters or flower vases. Just like the pumpkin ice bucket above, cut open a large guard at the top and use the space below to put in faux plants or flowers. Although you are free to choose the finishing you want for the outer parts of the pumpkins, plaid finishing looks really great.

7. Family of Owls Carvings

family of owls
Make a family of spooky owls to guard your home. Source: Woman’s Day


A family-themed décor in Halloween is always welcomed and this family of owls will definitely be a great plus. Simply carve out owl faces on differently sized pumpkins and display them somewhere. Make sure you have one large pumpkin, a medium-sized one, and a smaller one in the ensemble.

8. Glowing Lantern Pumpkins

This glowing lantern pumpkin is also a perfect pick for Halloween decor. You just need one large-sized pumpkin, a metal wire to act as the handle, and a large carving on any of the sides. Paint a lantern on the pumpkin and that’s it.

9. Stylish Digit Carvings

pumpkin digit carving
How about changing the way your house number looks for Halloween? Source: Lil Blue Boo


Pumpkins can be used to mark your address. It doesn’t have to be the full address though. You can carve out any digits that you want and display them on the front door. Make sure the digits are large enough to be visible and thoughtful for people to know what you mean.

10. Alarm Clock Pumpkin

Finally, you can take innovation in pumpkin carvings to the next level by making a simple alarm clock. Try to make the design as retro as you can but you are free to explore whatever ideas you have in mind.