When you start talking about kid-friendly bathroom designs, a lot of people automatically start to think about getting it as small as possible. It’s often more so the idea of creating a micro bathroom and while this may work, we all know that kid-friendly bathrooms require more than just that. 

Before we get to the possible design, it is important to keep in mind that kids have special needs. For starters, kids are small and may not be able to reach the standard sink and other bathroom hardware when they need to. 

And that is just the first of many challenges that our little ones face trying to fully utilize the bathroom. But you don’t need to worry. Today, you’ll learn a few kid friendly bathroom designs  that should solve most of these issues! 

Get a Standard Height Vanity 

I know this may sound a bit contradictory, but the reasoning behind this is simple. Kids do actually grow up very fast. Before you know it, they will have outgrown everyone in the family and the last thing you want is to install a new vanity each time they reach new heights. 

Installing a standard height vanity right from the time they are small saves you from this. The only thing you need to do now is to basically put in a stool inside their room that they can use to access the vanity while they are still little. Ensure the stool is compact too and can be easily tucked away under the sink, beside it or in the closet when not in use.

Get a Child-Proof Countertop 

Yes, there are a lot of countertops out there that look beautiful, but we also know that some of them like granite are prone to scratching and stains. You don’t want them in the kids’ room otherwise they will become quite messy in no time. 

However, there are some countertops that would easily hold their own even in the face of messy kids. Quartz, in particular, is quite durable and is probably one of the best kid-friendly countertop materials. It also looks very beautiful.

Ensure You Get a Standard Height Toilet 

Just like the vanity, you may also need to install a standard height toilet when you do a full bathroom remodeling for the children’s room. 

The reasoning behind this is the same. Children grow fast. While it may seem like a practical idea to get a child-specific toilet at first, when your child has outgrown it, you will need to do a full remodel once again. 

But a standard height toilet means that the kid can grow into it. To help the little ones reach it, consider putting a step stool in there for them. It will be a small inconvenience at first, but eventually they will get used to it.

Protect Kids from Hot Water 

Kids often forget to control the temperature of the water they use to bathe or wash hands. 

This is why you may need to install some anti-scald devices as a part of a bathroom renovation for the kids’ room. 

Scald devices are designed to regulate the temperature of the water flowing through the faucet or the showerhead. These devices also limit the amount of hot water that can flow out. This reduces the risk of burns to your kids massively.

Add a Bit of Personality

Kid friendly bathrooms are not just about functionality. These bathroom design ideas must also involve adding a little bit of personality to the entire setup with some custom decorations. 

For instance, you can consider getting a neutral color for the tiles and the cabinetry and a bolder saturated mix of palettes for the towels and other bathroom accessories. 

The main goal is to create a mix of colors that brings a vibrant and bold feeling into space, instead of an all-white design that kids usually find boring. 

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