Having an energy efficient roof is one of the best ways to improve your home’s property value and lower your energy bills without breaking your remodeling budget. That said there are a number of different ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home’s roof and each comes with it’s own level of complexity and ideal timing in order to get the most positive results. If you’re interested in improving your home’s energy consumption, attractiveness, and property value then consider these amazing new roofing services.

“Cool Roof” Installations and Upgrades

In recent years there have been a number of different advances in the field of roofing installations and as a result there are a number of different ways you can see your home’s energy efficiency improved dramatically. Cool roofs are coated in specially designed heat-reflective material which can help to reduce the surface temperature of the structure by up to 50 degrees. This, in turn, means that your roof will absorb less heat and will retain a lower temperature throughout all over your rooms. As the popularity of cool roof installations continue to grow there’s even the opportunity to lower “heat islands” which naturally arise in densely populated urban settings. Many home energy experts are looking toward cool roof installations and solar energy system installations to be the defining factors of future homes.

Green Roof Installations

While significantly more expensive to install and maintain than other energy efficient roofing options, green roof installations are growing in popularity in many of the most populated cities around the country. These installations create a beautiful garden and relaxation environment atop taller buildings, often in regions where ground space for such installations is difficult to find. That said, having a green roof installation performed does much more than just add a living space to your home, it also helps to effectively insulate your roof from weather and sun damage, improve your local air quality, and keep your entire building more energy efficient by providing shading, and a cooler surface temperature.

Natural Heat Reflectors

If roofing installations like cool roofs and green roofs seem outside of your realm of possibility there are a number of tried and true methods to increase your roof’s energy efficiency as well. Consider replacing your roofing materials with lighter colored shingles which have high quantities of insulation. This combination of factors will ensure that heat absorption from the sun is low but heat production from your home’s HVAC system is retained very reliably. Speak with a trained roofing contractor in your area to determine the best methods to improve your roof’s energy efficiency as each individual home will benefit from different conditions in many cases.