Doing a full kitchen renovation isn’t always cheap, since it requires a lot of time and planning. 

However, you don’t need a full renovation to make your kitchen look as good as new. Simple touches on the cabinets, in particular, can go a long way in giving your kitchen a fresh new look. 

Today, we’re discussing kitchen cabinet refacing, which is a project that can greatly improve the space’s look and you can even do it yourself! 

Refacing Only Works If You Are Okay with the Layout of Your Cabinetry 

Refacing will no doubt give your kitchen cabinets a fresh new look, but it won’t change the layout at all. Think of it as a touch-up project that’s only designed to improve the aesthetic appeal of your cabinetry. 

In case you feel the layout of the cabinets could really use an upgrade, then you’ll need to do more than just refinishing cabinets.

Make Sure You Have Some Experience in Refinishing 

Refacing the cabinets oftentimes looks like a simple job that any DIYer can do. But it’s harder than it looks, especially when you are refinishing. 

Don’t forget that refacing the cabinets is a complete transformation that involves the installation of new veneers, which must match up to the wood initially on the cabinet. Any misalignment will be very visible and it will make the entire refacing project useless. 

In that case, if you have no experience in refinishing kitchen cabinets, it may be best to leave the project to a hired contractor or someone who has done this kind of work before.

There Are So Many Materials to Work With

Refacing involves a lot of materials, not just veneers. Therefore, it’s important to have some experience dealing with these different materials. For starters, you will need a set of non-adhesive rolls that will be installed with contact cement. 

Keep in mind that working with non-adhesive rolls is very messy so make sure you have the right gear. You will also need peel and stick adhesive rolls, special 1/8-inch plywood sheets, and others. 

Also, don’t forget to get the right tool sets. For instance, refacing often involves trimming the veneers to perfect size. You’ll need special utility knives and flush trim router bits to get this done.

It Takes Time to Find the Right Materials 

The beauty of your refaced cabinets will entirely depend on the quality of materials used in the kitchen cabinet remodel project. 

Avoid the temptation of just popping into your local hardware store and buying whatever you can find. It takes time to find just the right materials for your refacing project and this will involve a lot of research.

Refacing Will Save You A Lot of Money 

There’s a reason why a lot of homeowners these days are going for cabinet refacing as opposed to a full-blown replacement. It’s all about costs. 

Replacing your entire cabinetry can be expensive, while the cost to refinish cabinets is very little in comparison.

The great thing about it is that it will make your old dated cabinets look stylish and new. So, if you are tight on your kitchen remodeling project budget, then refacing is your best possible option for the right results.

Attention to Detail is Key 

As we have already noted above, refacing is not as simple as most people believe. The project requires a keen approach and a lot of patience. 

Don’t just jump in and start working. Seat down and plan your project, including how you want the cabinets to look like once you’re done. 

Pay attention to small details too. Little dents and other scratches may look small but they affect how the cabinetry looks like.

Need some help to reface kitchen cabinets? Contact a local company and request a free quote!