Are you working on a bathroom remodel? There are many things you need to take care of, but it all depends on how well you can get the basics down to the details. For example, making sure that everything such as the sink, the mirrors, and other accessories are installed at the perfect height is crucial. 

If you’re having issues with this, we may be able to help you with some simple ideas here below. We will be looking at every major accessory in the bathroom and advising you on the perfect installation height – which is much more important than it seems!


So, let’s start with the mirrors. In this case, there’s actually one simple rule: the height you decide to install is entirely dependent on how tall you are. If you have other people living with you, make sure you consider their height as well or get a bigger mirror to accommodate everybody. 

A good tip is to make sure the mirror is perfectly placed at the same height as your eye line. If there are other significantly shorter or taller members in your family, you may want to get them a different mirror or try to adjust the height until it suits everyone. This rule works for standard toilet height too.

Be sure to take mirror installation into consideration when budgeting your bathroom remodel cost!


Just like the mirror, the height of the sink installation also depends on your height. Normally, the bathroom counter height, where the sinks are installed, will measure between 32 and 34 inches in height. If you’re installing below the countersink, it will naturally be the same height as the counter. 

However, for those of you who want to place an above counter vessel sink, the height will be relatively higher. In that case, you may need to lower the counter to compensate for the increased height. The best thing to do though is to try out various sink designs with your counter and decide which one offers the most comfortable height for you and the rest of the people living with you. 

This trial and error can take time but it helps getting a sink perfectly suited for your bathroom and your bathroom vanity height.


The shower has several parts and all of them need to be installed at the right height. Let’s try to go through all of them:

Let’s start with the shower enclosure. In most cases, it’s recommended to run the shower enclosure right up to the ceiling. Make sure the door is slightly below the ceiling too just to ensure easy opening and closing. You may also want to place the doorknob for the enclosure about 36 inches high for easier access.

Benches are also an excellent quality-of-life addition to modern bathrooms, and they have a wide range of uses. You can sit in there while showering or shaving, especially if you have limited mobility. For these reasons, they need to be at the perfect height. On average, a shower bench shouldn’t be more than 16 inches high. 

Finally, you may also want to pay attention to how high you install the showerhead and the vanity light height.

The optimal showerhead height will achieve two important things:

First, it will allow you to stand beneath the shower without the risk of bumping your head on it. Also, you don’t want to bend over or crouch just to take a shower. 

The showerhead height should allow you to freely stand and still leave enough space above your head. You don’t also want to be too close to the head where the water pressure is too much, and the water comes too hot out of the shower. 

We all want that gentle and soothing shower and a showerhead that’s slightly above your head will work. Traditionally, the showerhead should be at most 6 ft. and 6 inches from the ground.

Need help in figuring out a bathroom remodel cost? Talk to a local bathroom remodel pro today!