Teenage years are an odd time in a child’s life, and an even odder time for the parents. With the new fads, the fashion, and new celebrities that populate the youth’s world, it can be easy to lose track of all the pop culture your teen is exposed to. However, you can still decorate the house together! One thing that can help you and your teenage son bond is their room. We already did the teenage girl’s room article, so check that out if you haven’t already. Here are some new and modern ideas for generic teen boys’ rooms. You and your child will be sure to find something that suits your needs.

Coolest teenage boy room designs for a home
Teen room ideas from Home Edit

Music: The Only Thing Black and White is the Paint

One things that all teenagers are going to have an opinion on is music. You may not know all the newest musicians or keep up with current artists, but for the most part you’ll know the instruments. Barring some crazy DJ setup, a more relaxed approach is a guitar in the teen’s bedroom. Fit that with some musical decor, here in custom black and white accent walls, and you’ve got a chill spot to play some riffs. The best part about having a guitar is that it can be unplugged late at night, not like percussive drums.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
All teenagers love music, it's just about what kind of music
Music machinations from Loversiq

Video Game Room Decor

From the arcade to the PC, video games have been one of the fastest growing and most technologically advancing form of media the world has ever seen. So there’s a lot of room to work with when it comes to combining room decor and gaming equipment, so that also adds to the room’s vibe. Be it background wall art, a new gaming chair, or just the right hardware for that personalized gaming PC, there’s no limit to the amount of ideas that can go into a video gaming room for your teenager. And with games being what they are, your son will certainly be appreciative. So if he’s into Super Mario or an MMORPG, at least he’ll have the room to back up his tastes.Here are just a few examples of what to put in your son’s personalized video game bedroom:

  • CD racks
  • Controller hooks
  • PC desk
  • Storage units
  • Game posters
  • Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft decor
  • The newest console(s)
  • Classic Pac-Man, Mario, Halo, and Fallout gear
  • Gaming lighting fixtures
  • PC lighting rig
  • PC cooling rig
  • Memorabilia
  • Themed Bedding
  • Character lighting fixture
  • Bean bag
  • Penny Arcade comics around room
A video game bedroom is the thing of legend for most male teenagers
Cool Room Decor

Sports Themes!

What teen isn’t into sports? Take your son’s favorite sports team and turn it into a theme for his room. Add new sheets with the sports logo on it. Hang new curtains that convey his favorite sport. Is he into college sports rather than high school or professional? Go college professional. Whatever sport the old sport is into, turn that into a room.

For athletic teens who love sports
Sports room Pinterest

Your teenage son has his own interests and likes, so try to accommodate those with the bedroom decor that best matches his interests. After all, he’s going to be enjoying that room for quite some time. So make it a fun time in his life.