A regular chimney sweep and chimney inspection are some of the most important home maintenance tasks. The National Fire Protection Association recommends chimney inspection at least once a year and for good reason. 

The last thing you need at home is an inefficient chimney. It will not only lead to high energy bills but it may also increase the risk of fires massively. 

But how much money do you need to get professional chimney sweep services? Well, in this post we will break down these numbers for you.

What is the Exact Chimney Sweep Cost?

To be fair, there is no exact chimney sweep cost. Certain factors will typically determine how much money you end up paying. 

However, you should expect to pay between $130 and $380 for the sweep and the inspection all included

But in case you just need a chimney sweep without inspection, the average fees will average around $65 an hour. But you can still work with chimney sweep services that offer a flat rate. 

This would be a bit easier to manage but it all comes down to the flexibility of your chimney cleaning service.

When is a Chimney Sweep Needed?

Now that we have given you the breakdown in pricing for chimney sweeping, you may now wonder when you should get these services. 

  • First, if you are buying a home, a chimney inspection is highly advised. It will help identify any issues with the chimney if any, and ensure they are fixed before you move in. 

  • You will also need to get chimney sweeping service as part of regular home maintenance. The standard rule is to get the service at least once a year.

Why Do You Need Professional Chimney Sweeping?

As you know, the primary role of any chimney is to provide enough ventilation on the furnace and move soot out of the house. However, not all the soot is released into the air. Some of it is deposited along the chimney walls. 

As this residue builds up over time, it forms a substance called creosote. Creosote is a highly flammable chemical and if it continues to build up, the risks of fire accidents will increase. In addition to this, the increased amount of soot will affect how efficiently the chimney works. 

This means that the fuel burning on the furnace may not be able to get enough ventilation and as a result, you may face an increased risk of carbon dioxide poisoning.

What Does Chimney Sweeping Involve?

If you are going to pay money for chimney sweeps, then it makes sense to know exactly what you are getting in return. Well, in most cases, professional chimney sweeps will involve three important steps. 

  • The first thing will be to inspect the extent of creosote deposition on the chimney. 

  • The chimney cleaning company will also try to see how much debris is there as well. 

  • After that, the cleaners will use a wire brush and other techniques to remove the creosote and the debris. How long this process takes will depend on the amount of creosote to be removed. If it’s been long since you cleaned your chimney, then it may take longer to get the job done. 

  • Once the creosote is removed to the satisfaction of the cleaner, an inspection of the structural integrity of the chimney will be done. 

  • Some cleaning companies may also look into the safety of the chimney if need be.

Can You Do Chimney Sweeps on Your Own?

Yes, it is possible to do these sweeps on your own but it is not advised. Chimney inspection has to be done by experts since these pros will leave nothing to chance. 

Besides, there is too much work and risks associated with chimney cleaning. The last thing you need is to spend hours of your day doing a very dangerous job. 

Hiring a pro will however save you all the trouble.

Contact a local pro to do chimney inspection and cleaning and avoid headaches during fall and winter!