Renovating a bathroom can be a major source of stress on families and their wallets. The work is generally beyond what homeowners feel comfortable trying themselves, specialties from plumbing to electrical to fixture installation are often involved together, and you quickly learn that the inconvenience of having your bathroom out of commission is, let’s say, distressing. Still, bathrooms remain one of the most renovated rooms in American homes even though the national average cost to remodel a bathroom is on the rise from last year. That said, you have no reason to put off this very valuable, possibly necessary, project for any longer. Here are just a few ways to make your bathroom remodel cost more affordable using just a little planning and research:

Work within your given space

Cost of Remodeling your Bathroom

Finding your bathroom renovation cost can be difficult for many homeowners who are just in the planning/budgeting stage of the work since estimates vary widely based on your chosen contractor, your chosen products, and the overall scope of your plans. So when you’re beginning to plan your remodel it’s best to get a clear picture of what you’re looking for before you contact anyone about the work. This is the time when your choices can make the most difference in how light your wallet will be after the bathroom remodel.

Cost is everything when it comes to design choices. And the priciest alterations most people make to their bathrooms come from a change in layout. While moving around furniture in your living room is a quick way to create a brand new feel for the space, a redesigned bathroom calls for new wiring and plumbing to be installed as well as new fixtures and other potential surprise expenditures found along the way. These costs can quickly eat up the budget you’ve set aside for the whole renovation. For that reason, unless you have money to spare it’s recommended that you work within the space you have. Don’t worry though, with the right products and contractors your bathroom can be given new life and all without having to tear the walls down.

Design for safety and functionality

On top of being one of the more expensive rooms to renovate, your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. So when you finally get around to getting it repaired or updated, you’ll want to make sure that the results will last. Design your bathroom in a style you’ll be satisfied with for years to come, remembering that simple is often best. And when looking into the cost of remodeling your bathroom, make sure you don’t scrimp on matters of health and safety. If your house is old or hasn’t been worked on in a while updating your wiring, insulating your plumbing, and accounting for water damage over time all may be necessary expenses. This may mean that you’ll have to turn away from the marble bathtub you had your eye on, but ultimately will help with future bathroom remodeling costs.

Compromise on some details, stand firm on others

All major home remodeling projects come down to a series of small choices and compromises. The real challenge is to determine your priorities in these instances and respond with your budget in mind. While it’s easy to splurge on a big ticket item like a steam shower or natural stone tiling, doing so could mean you’ll have to settle for inferior quality on other products, or worse that you will not be able to respond to any surprise difficulties which the contractors uncover. Make sure that you plan out your budget for bathroom remodeling costs well enough to cover all the work you honestly need done and only then begin considering the extra aspects you’d prefer to have.

The major thing which you shouldn’t compromise about is the quality of your contractors. The field of contracting is expansive and has a wide margin of skill and experience. When you’re selecting contractors make sure to check over their recent references and critiques and be hesitant to accept the lowest estimate you receive on the cost to remodel your bathroom. This is one point where spending a bit more will get you a lot more.

Keep these tips in mind and your new bathroom is sure to stand the test of time without leaving your bank account empty.