There’s a quote that says everything starts in the kitchen. If that’s true, we should start making our lives more practical, organized, and beautiful starting from our kitchens. In fact, some architects say the kitchen is where you should start remodeling your house, and experienced cleaning professionals know you start cleaning your house from the kitchen area. We have selected a few great ideas to simplify your life, from the kitchen on.

1. Make your own colorful oven mitts and hot pads.

Make your own DIY oven mitts!
Learn how to make your own DIY oven mitts. Via A Beautiful Mess

This set of oven mitts and hot pads are simple enough for a beginner to make. Learn how here.

2. Fill your extra counter and windowsill space with these adorable teacup gardens.

Use creative mini gardening to add some color and life to your kitchen.
Add color and life to your kitchen with teacup gardens! Via The Inspired Room

If you are a fan of creative gardening in small spaces, check this out. It’s time to put the porcelain dishes you got for your wedding to use.

3. Fridge Mats!

Use fridge mats to keep the shelves in your fridge clean.
Fridge mats can help keep your fridge cleaner. Via 2 Little Superheroes

They help with the cleaning, they’re hygienic, and they look pretty good.

4. Add some old-fashioned lettering to clear glass canisters.

Use old-fashioned text on clear containers to label and organize your baking materials.
Label your clear containers to keep your food organized. Via The Painted Hive

Waterslide decals are awesome for creating embellishments without the need for fancy equipment. See the tutorial here.

5. DIY tea towels

Make your own tea towels to add personality to your kitchen.
DIY tea towels add personality and charm to your kitchen. Via Cherished Bliss

Create your own tea towels. You can go from simple symbols to true statements. Learn how here.

6. If you enjoy an earthy look, try updating your backsplash with river rocks.

Use river rocks as a backsplash to give your kitchen a charming, rustic feel.
Use river rocks for a rustic kitchen backsplash. Via Architecture and Design

If you yearn for a more rustic, craftsman, and natural style backsplash, this just might be the project for you!

Learn other tips on how to upgrade the heart of your house here.