From experience, I can authoritatively say bathrooms are the least organized rooms in any household. When you decide to do that spring cleaning, you’ll probably think of emptying closets and garages, not forgetting the kitchen and pantries. Not much thought is given to bathrooms despite the fact that this is often the most used room in the house. To most people, the bathroom is all about the sink, bathtub, and the shower. Many do not regard storage areas and cabinets as worth their attention. In fact, organizing your bathroom should not be a one-time activity but an on-going activity to keep the room fresh and lively at all times.

Bathroom organizing skills should be a habit of ensuring everything stays in its place at all times. Developing this skill not only saves time but ensures that you do not have a difficult time looking for accessories when you most need them. For instance, the countertop should not be cluttered with all sorts of items, but it should have all the items you need at the most appropriate times. It’s all about creating enough room for extra bathroom things like flowers and scents to give your special bathroom that attractive and often welcoming appeal.

Here are a few tips to keep your bathroom well organized.

Avoid Clutter

Getting clutter out of your bathroom is a necessary step to creating a clean, organized room.
If your sink looks like this, you need to declutter and get organized. Image source: Health

First and foremost avoid clutter by learning how to dispose old items. You know how you simply toss those old barrettes like you’ll never need them again. Simply get rid of expired items including old toothbrushes to the bin and avoid clutter.

I am so organized that it's dysfunctional. Everything has a place. I am a very visual person, so my environment is important to me. If my environment is messy, I can't think clearly. I don't like clutter. A clean desk is a clean mind for me. -Alexa Von Tobel

Store Bath Towels

If you have a small bathroom, finding places to store towels (especially if you don't have a closet) requires the need to get a little creative.
Store bath towels in baskets on the wall for a creative way to save space. Image source: Top Inspired

Find a creative way to store bath towels. If there is not enough room, adopt a shelving method like they do in hotels and create more room for bath towels. If the heat and steam in your bathroom is too much, keep your medicines in the kitchen instead.

Hold Family Members Accountable

By holding family members accountable for putting away their own items, you can create an organized bathroom without one person doing all the work.
Use labels and baskets or bins for each family member so everyone is accountable for putting away their own things. Image source: Sew Many Ways

The biggest bathroom disorganizer in a household with several family members is irresponsibility. Some family members might not care where they put anything as long as someone else will come to clean after them. To rectify this situation, you can:

  • Invest in drawer organizers and allocate each member of the house a specific space for their items.
  • Let each person have a shower caddy for toiletries and shampoo in their bedrooms rather than clutter the bathroom.
  • You may want to use containers labeled according to each family member to make things more organized.

Expand the Counter

If you have a small sink and counter in your bathroom, expand it by adding an over-the-sink shelf or creating your own movable shelves with spice racks.
Expanding your countertops is easy with  little creativity. Image source: Bathroom Decors

The counter space can be expanded with a little bit of creativity. Simply create more space on your counter by using an over the sink shelf, a spice rack, breakfast tray (with legs), or anything else you can think of to hold your makeup and other items. You can place the extra space under the sink or on the floor while someone else is using the bathroom.

Organization of the bathroom should also include a few things you can do to make the room as relaxing and luxurious as possible. For instance, placing some colored candles in strategic places inside the room will make it more attractive and pleasant for all your household members. People have a natural tendency to treat beautiful things with more love and care. The bathroom is no exception. Find some nice scented candles and display them decoratively and everyone will simply love keeping the bathroom as organized and neat as possible.