10 Unique Reclaimed Wood Home Decor Under $50

We all love the look of reclaimed wood and the benefits it provides for our planet. These ten amazing pieces of upcycled art allow you to bring the reclaimed charm into your home in some really unique ways. Since they’re all handcrafted, they’re also totally unique. Eco friendly, affordable and gorgeous...what’s not to love?

Reclaimed Wood Typewriter Wall Art

Who doesn’t love wall art? Better yet, who doesn't love wall art that is both reclaimed and vintage? This depiction of an old-school typewriter would be perfect for any office or writer’s room. Plus, the black and white palette make it easy to match with anything.

Madera Wood Beer Taster Dispenser

This brilliant taster is a must have for the beer lovers in your life. It would be especially fun for home brewers (the ultimate grownup DIY!) when they’re presenting their latest accomplishments for friends and family. Plus the glass holders are labeled, so there won’t be any confusion as to which is which. For the hardcore beer enthusiast, swapping out beer with would make THIS KITCHEN ISLAND a dream come true!

Madera Single Jar Riser

These fun and solid risers really “elevate” your hors d'oeuvres! Made of reclaimed wood, these blocky bastions of old wood will surely become your new favorite platform for serving apps or tapas. The reclaimed wood tones would look especially vibrant on a brushed steel or wrought iron table.

Tortoise Shell Salad Bowl

Versatility, upcycling, and beauty are all rolled into one in this reclaimed mango-wood bowl. In addition to food, you could fill this with shells for an island-style touch for your home. Plus, these bad boys are handmade, which means they’re all totally unique.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Clock

While it won’t help you turn back time, this clock has certainly turned back time for it’s reclaimed wood body. Made of unstripped reclaimed wood, this multi-hued masterpiece would make a great centerpiece for an accent wall or even a regular wall. It’s vibrant though muted color scheme would work well with most colors or patterns, but would be especially nice against an earth tone painted wall.

Groovystuff Tinder Boxes

These wild wood tinder boxes are intended to store, well, tinder, but you really could store anything inside them. They’d be a great place to store matches for an outdoor fireplace, or small items like spare keys and small tools for the living room. They also blend in pretty well in the outdoors, making them an ideal hidey hole for a spare house key.

Round Root Plate

If you’re looking to reconnect to the earth in a meaningful way, these are the dishes for you. Made from wood of reclaimed stumps and roots, these hand-carved delights are just the thing to serve a fresh and beautiful salad or entree. They’re also attractive enough to be used as a dish for homemade potpourri, or as accent decor when filled with found sea shells.

Novica Diego Mendoza Artisan Duck Spoons

If you’re looking for a perfectly unique (or uniquely perfect) gift idea, these hand carved spoons are the ones! Made of reclaimed granadillo wood, they’re environmentally friendly as well. What could be better?

Spiral Platter

If you’re like us, you love fresh mangoes in the summertime. This serving platter takes that love to a whole new level by using reclaimed mango wood. It’s also hand crafted and each piece will have something unique from the others and special wood patterns. Use it to serve crackers, dips, or of course some fresh mango slices.

Groovystuff Wood Coasters

If you’re looking for a subtle yet substantial way to bring a rustic touch to your home, these coasters are the answer. They’re finished in a beautifully warm tone that will pop with any backdrop. They would look especially nice on a reclaimed wooden table.

If this list has piqued your interest, remember that these 10 great finds are only the tip of the iceberg. There are lots of artists producing beautiful and unique reclaimed products and each is totally unique. Let your imagination run wild, and remember that when you buy reclaimed wood, you’re helping to sustain our environment.