A wet yard that is consistently muddy doesn’t always have to be a problem for a homeowner. There are some good yard drainage solutions that are very good at alleviating the problem. Some of these can be done easily on your own and some need the assistance of a professional. All of these yard drainage solutions will provide relief from a swamped yard.

The first way to drain a yard is with a French drain. A French drain is the most common of the yard drainage solutions and the easiest to install. This method is not good for a yard that has multiple drainage issues. However, if you have one area of the yard that is consistently wet, a French drain should get the job done. This drain will redistribute the water from one area to another. You can likely install a French drain yourself.

A dry well is a little more involved and is a solution for larger drainage issues. This type of drainage system may also involve too much digging to do on your own. This yard drainage system uses gravity, a trench (on a gradient) and a pooling area to divert the water to a holding area. The water can then disperse slowly from the dry well as opposed to pooling in the yard. This is a great solution for very wet yards. It does require the digging of a very large hole and a long trench as much as three to four feet down.

Finally, the best drainage solution is a sump pump. This is also the solution that is the most expensive and will likely require the help of a professional. Sump pumps require electricity and literally pump the water out of the area to a new location. The water is usually diverted to another location where it can drain without causing problems in the new drainage location. This is the most effective way to move water away from a home and out of a wet yard.