Ceilings. Somehow there’s never much going on when you look up in your home. There are a bunch of ways the ambitious do-it-yourselfer can spice up your home’s interior ceiling. The most common by far is by painting, but you can also add or remove fixtures, work on the ceiling fan, or add upside down mirrors. Here are just a few of the examples that you can do yourself to add some value to the ceiling in your house.


Paint it!

The easiest way to add some value to the ceiling is just to paint it! Add a fresh coat of paint over the dull, worn paint for an instant boost in life and value. You can do it the old fashioned way with paintbrushes, or perhaps spring for rollers and get the job done in record time. Either way there are few other methods of bolstering the ceiling like a fresh new coat of paint.

A Ceiling Medallion

Why not add a professionally crafted medallion for your ceiling? Many medallions don’t even require a light fixture to be installed, and are purely created for aesthetic purposes. Not only does it add an elegant flair to the atmosphere in your room, it adds overall value to the look of the ceiling as well. So place a ceiling medallion to get the most out of your interior ceiling.


Reclaimed Wooden Ceiling

There’s no look more rustic or ornate than reclaimed wooden floors and furniture, and you can apply that look to your ceiling as well. Reclaimed wood is any lumber taken from a previous project and installed on a new one. So with this in mind, you can quite literally nail a brand new ceiling over your old wooden one. Just know that you’re approaching a very ambitious area for the average DIYer, and may want to consult with a professional contractor first.



Wallpaper on a Ceiling

Here’s a funky new approach to ceiling upgrades: put wallpaper over it! Modern wallpaper is far, far more applicable than its older counterparts. You can wrap your entire ceiling in it like it’s the biggest Christmas gift ever. Not only will this add a tremendous amount of color to the room, it can be perfectly cut to corers when needed. Few other materials work as well as wallpaper.


Mirror, mirror, on the ...Ceiling

"Mirrors,' she said, 'are never to be trusted." -Neil Gaiman

If you’re looking for a radical new way to enhance your ceiling area, try reflective mirrors. This unique approach to modern home design makes the most of reflective surfaces in your home and provides a very customized style for your interior. As an added bonus, mirrors in assorted parts of a room create a very fun atmosphere for homeowners and guests alike. It’s the most sophisticated take on a fun house of mirrors.


Regardless, what you choose to do to your ceiling is up to you and your preferences. If you’re going for sleek and sophisticated, smooth designs and mirrors may be right up your alley. If you’re trying to keep it light and fun, go for wallpaper or a brand new paint job. In any case, there’s no wrong way to spice up your home’s ceiling.