To be a hit, every party needs a few basic requirements to appease any sports fan. First off is drinks, and beer is a pretty safe favorite. Second is food, and there can be a bit of wiggle room on this one. Some parties go classic with chips and dip, some are a little more daring with the appetizers. Lastly are the favors, pretty much any football themed card or decoration is fine, with an emphasis on surviving the day’s events. Here’s a rundown of what you should tackle in hosting a party.

Getting Your Drink On

The trick is to have just the right amount of alcohol for the party. Enough to have a good time with your friends, but not enough to get destroyed. This is why beer is king for sports. It allows for a good time without overdoing it. Otherwise, feel free to have some alternatives for people who don’t enjoy hops and barley so much. Sangria, punch, margaritas, lemonade, really anything that can be made in a mass quantity without breaking the bank. And feel free to let people know beforehand if the party is BYOB. If you know your audience, it could come in handy to have a backup stash hidden away in case of emergency.

Gettin’ the Grub

This is one of the areas where you get out what you put in. Some homes are content with pretzels and chips, some fans go all out and create a stadium of snacks. It’s really on you and what you want to do. Old school favorites such as wings, nachos, and burgers will always be around. Nowadays people are starting to branch out into stuff like Jalapeno poppers, bacon wrapped shrimp, and Mozzarella sticks. Here are a few ideas, both young and old, to add to your roster of football snackage:

  • Mac’n’cheese
  • Potato skins
  • Fries
  • Scallops and Bacon
  • Spinach dips
  • Artichoke dips
  • Popcorn
  • Chili
  • Sliders
  • Add hot sauce to any of the items above

Football Party Favors

The last thing on the list is the decor. It can be as simple and easy as a few fan flags or as complex as a fully decked out bar. You can purchase physical card invitations or just RSVP online, some sites are free. Go nuts with the options available, or just raid a party store the day of. There’s no way to do too much or too little when it comes to football decorations.