Drainage basin is a land area where excess water from the rain, snow or melted ice exits to a single point like the river, lake, sea, ocean and other water bodies. It acts as a funnel by collecting the water and channels through one area covered by the basin. Historically, drainage basins have been important in determining boundaries especially in regions where trade by water is their source of living.

In ecology, drainage basin is an important source of nutrients, sediments and pollutants from the water flowing through the drainage and river. They are transported towards the outlet of the basin that greatly affects the ecological processes. From here, other living things surrounding the area will surely receive its natural source abundantly to survive.

Economically wise, it actually is the source of coals and fuels. The accumulation of swamp plants remains forms coals. It is indeed helpful in making our home produce heat from cold. It is actually serve as a survival kit into one’s day to day activities. Also, petroleum deposits are formed due to the accumulation of marine organisms on the sea bed. The burial of these organisms by sediments and heating, eventually produce fuels.

It is indeed amazing that the drainage system such as this is very helpful both on the household and the living organisms around it. It is something that definitely benefits every living organism around the area. It is so amazing to realize the effect of the water draining out of your house benefiting other living creatures. Well, this world really does not allow a small detail of living matter going to waste. All has it's own purpose and the key for one’s survival. Each is definitely made for the survival of another.