The number one remodeling challenge for most homeowners is the financial aspect of whatever project they’re working on. From the labor, to materials, to time and energy, the sky’s the limit when it comes to financing your dream kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. But that’s no reason to give up completely! Remodeling - especially when you do your research and choose worthwhile projects - can give your home a fresh new look and feel, can add value when it comes time to sell, and in general can help you feel at home in your house. Plus, there are ways to minimize the cost when you take on a project; though there are some you can DIY instead of hiring a contractor, one of the easiest ways is to choose materials that will give you the look and feel that you want without costing an arm and a leg. We’ve even helping you out with some research, and below you’ll find materials to use instead of pricier varieties for three different remodeling projects in three different areas of your house. Don’t be afraid to suggest these to your contractor!

In the Kitchen…

Don’t use: hardwood cabinets

Try instead: veneer cabinets

While hardwood cabinets have the look of quality and luxury, well-made veneer cabinets achieve the same look at much less than the cost of hardwood varieties. You want to look for clean lines and classic designs for quality cabinets, but don’t skimp on the material to the point of using particle board: underneath the veneer should be plywood. While a little more expensive the particle board, plywood is sturdier and more durable, and will need replacing much less often. Finally, find the cabinets you like at a price that fits in your budget, but also choose to invest in professional installation instead of trying to DIY - it’s definitely worth it.

In the Bathroom…

Don’t use: stone countertops

Try instead: granite countertops

If you’re considering a remodel in a master bath, consider installing low grade granite countertops instead of higher price stone varieties. While there are lower price options than granite, none of them stand up to the quality, beauty, and durability of a well-installed granite top. Plus, granite comes in different grades (usually from 1 to 5), so you can choose a lower grade without sacrificing the contents of your wallet. Stone countertops, while stylish, are much more of a luxury choice and not at all necessary to convey a sense of quality and comfort. Plus, granite in a master bath can up the resale value of your home!

In the Bedroom…

Don’t use: wool carpet

Try instead: nylon varieties

Bedrooms, especially a master suite, are still dominated by lush, warm carpet to give the room a relaxing and comfortable vibe. But the type of carpet you choose can make or break the feel of the room, especially in the dead of winter (which will be here sooner than you think) as you venture out of a warm bed. While you may be tempted to splurge on super high quality wool carpeting, think again - nylon carpets offer similarities in look and feel with a much lower price point on average. Your bedroom should be relaxing, not stressful - why choose the more expensive option when you can have luxury for less?