When it comes to shopping for holiday presents, the coolest, newest things are always going to be the most in demand. That isn’t restricted to the kids, either. That’s why if you’re looking for some amazingly cool ideas to put on your own wish list, you’ll love what we’ve tracked down. We’ve rounded up seven of the absolute coolest appliances you could ever want. Check out what new kitchen technology has come up with and be sure to get these on your wish list before Santa finishes his shopping for the season.

Bio Robot Refrigerator

First on our list is something you may or may not have seen before while scouring the internet for cool appliances. The Bio Robot Refrigerator uses a special gel to keep your food cool. It doesn’t have any motors or moving parts, and it can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or even on the ceiling (if you want your late night snack to involve a ladder for some reason). While it may not be available yet, this is certainly one fridge you’ll want on your wish list.

Personal Pie Maker

If you’ve ever woken up late at night looking for a snack, this is the appliance for you. Keep pre-made crust in your fridge and add blueberries, meat, or vegetables and create your own personal-size pie (or pies) in about eight minutes.

Transparent Toaster

For those of you who used to stare at the toaster trying to predict when it would pop, this transparent toaster is way more fun. You can actually watch your toast cook so you know exactly when to take it out. No more burnt toast. No more jumping out of surprise when the toaster pops up unexpectedly.

Futuristic Table

This is another appliance that isn’t available at the moment but is sure to be on your future wish lists. This futuristic table designed by Petr Kubik is the epitome of futuristic design. This table boasts five retractable chairs and a slew of incredible features. part of the table is used as a refrigerator to keep food cold, another part holds eight electrical appliances (including a mini-dishwasher), and the tabletop is touchscreen and lets you read the newspaper while you eat.

Home WineStation PLUS

When you love wine but don’t have the space for your own wine cellar, invest in the WineStation PLUS from Napa Technology. It preserves your wine for 60 days, though if you’re anything like us you won’t need to test that. It holds five bottles of wine and has a high-resolution LCD display. It can be used as a built-in feature in your kitchen or simply placed on your countertop for quick access and stunning appeal.

Nano Garden

Whether you live in the deserts of Arizona or your backyard simply doesn’t get the light it needs to grow much reliably, you can still grow your own vegetables. The Nano Garden is a wonderful addition to any kitchen and gives you full control over the water, light, and nutrients your plants receive. Fear not about over watering or burning your crops with too much sun because the Nano Garden will alert you if your plants are receiving too much water or sun.

3-D Food Printer

At the end of our list is the 3-D food printer, which is the perfect gift for any serious baker or foodie. XYZPrinting brought us this incredible appliance, and at a price tag of under $2,000, it’s more affordable than you’d think.