Ah, the internet. Such a wonderful place for crafting inspiration, DIY tutorials, and keeping in touch with friends. It’s also the best place to find the funniest DIY fails in existence.

The internet - and Pinterest in particular - is full of inspiring tutorials and crafting projects. Unfortunately, many people seem to overestimate their DIY skills and end up biting off more than they can chew. The resulting fails are incredibly hilarious and scary to look at. Similar to a train wreck, we just can’t look away. Here are the most hilarious DIY fails in the history of DIY fails.

1.Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake

Funny diy videos show the best stuff on YouTube
DIY blog. Source: Pinterest

As one of the most-beloved film franchises of all time, we can certainly understand why someone would try to make a Buzz Lightyear birthday cake. This one, however, seems more suited to a horror parody of the character.

2.Yarn Cupcakes

Hilarious diys for kids
Messed up but fun diys. Source: Pinterest

Our guess for this one is that the baker had never baked cupcakes before and didn’t realize how time-consuming it is. Then, when it came time to decorate, he or she was too tired to do anything more than write the word “yarn” on the cupcake tops. Or, tried to at least.

3.Despicable Me Dessert

DIY websites worth a laugh
Cool diy projects gone wrong. Source: My Pinstrosity Life

We have a feeling that they didn’t wait long enough for the cake to cool before decorating. However, the result looks more like a melted Cookie Monster is trying to merge with a brown Geodude.

4.Hedgehog Cake

Do it yourself projects can come out terrifying
Creative ideas for projects. Source:The Meta Picture

Since the original hedgehog cake looks slightly demonic with red eyes anyway, we think this attempt was intentional to make it more like Pinhead. After all, why add teeth when the original has a cute little nose?

Penguin Cupcakes

DIY crafts for home gone awry. Source: Craft Fail

While Benedict Cumberbatch seems unable to say the word “penguin,” this adventurous baker seems unable to make penguin cookies. If they’d used green Oreos instead, it could have been a decent attempt at a turtle cookie cupcake.

Sheep Cupcakes

DIY online fails
How not to diy. Source: Image

Shaun the Sheep can’t save this DIY fail. Perhaps if they’d used smaller marshmallows and waited until the cupcake was fully cooled it may have worked better. Instead, they created a monster that looks like it feeds on human souls.

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