We like to post about organization not only because it has become a global trend, but we like to show that it is entirely possible to organize any aspect of your life by spending little money and using your creativity. It can be a challenge to look at a corner of our lives and imagine it organized in a more practical way. We really like to seek innovations to organize our routines using imagination. Below, we have made a selection of ideas to provide you with inspiration and a dose of courage so you can get started.

1. Take some time to toss all of your expired beauty and skincare products

Follow this guide to know what beauty products to toss and when.
Follow this guide to know when to toss expired beauty products via Buzzfeed

You can follow this list above - make a copy of it if necessary and stick it to your bathroom/closet wall before you get started.

2. Lay down a layer of wax paper on the tops of cabinets and furniture (especially in the kitchen) to catch greasy dust.

Lay wax paper down on top of cabinets to catch greasy dust.
Put wax paper on top of cabinets and dressers to catch dust via This Old House

This kitchen-drawer essential is a cook's secret weapon but it can be placed on top of upper kitchen cabinets where dust and grease particles gather.

3. Make a big batch of grab-n-go breakfasts on Sunday night.

Making a big batch of grab-n-go breakfasts ahead of time will save you time in the morning and give you healthy food to eat.
Making breakfast ahead of time and putting it in easy to grab containers will save you time in the morning via Buzzfeed

Make-ahead smoothies and breakfasts will save you extra time and effort. Furthermore it will increase your odds of eating healthy.

Organization is a habit. It can even become a healthy addiction.Click here for more tips on how to simplify your routines so you can live better.