Every spring your home’s trees begin to recover from the damage which almost inevitably comes through the long winter months. However, this recovery process along with snow melting, an increase in animal habitation, and the typically high level of rainfall which comes through the spring months, tends to put excessive stress on an already stressed system which is why it’s so important for homeowners to quickly perform some basic tree care services as soon as the spring weather starts to warm up. By properly performing these simple steps you can count on your home’s trees to thrive and retain their charm and elegance no matter what nature has in store.

In-Depth Tree Inspections

As the weather warms up keep a careful eye out for signs of disease and distress including hollow portions of the trunk, small holes around the base of the trunk, decaying bark, and mold growth. All of these could be indications of severe problems developing and if you notice them you should quickly contact professionally trained arborists in your area to assess the issue further.

Growth Patterns

The way your tree grows through the early months of spring can be very telling of issues down the road. As you’re cleaning up your landscape for the coming season be mindful of yellowing leaves and sections of the tree’s crown which are barren of growth even though the branches around them are thriving. In the event of the first sign there is the chance that your tree’s roots are absorbing too much water from snow melting and rainfall which can essentially flood your tree. If you notice the second, your tree may be suffering from dead or dying limbs which, if not quickly removed, can spread disease and damage throughout the entire tree.

Soil Nutrition

To give your trees the boost they need as they recover from winter damage a combination of mulching and fertilizing can be hugely helpful. Mulching serves as an insulator for your tree’s root structure, allowing it to get the water and nutrients it needs without excess watering or competition for soil. Fertilizer on the other hand can be thought of as a multi-vitamin for your plant life as it enriches the soil which is available to the root structure. With the careful application of both of these items you can significantly help your tree’s growth through the spring and summer months but with too much of either it’s easy to do more harm than good. Speak with trained arborists if you have any concerns or questions about this process.