Winter challenges homeowners in a number of different ways each year, by making homes dangerously cold and seeing an annual hike in fuel prices to heat it back to a safe, comfortable level. For the most part, homeowners hunker down and bear with the season though for many the damaging cold of winter, along with heavy snow accumulation and slippery ice can result in a lot of stress and a lot of serious injuries. What’s more, while getting through the season homeowners across the country often pay more on their utility bill for heating than they do for all other utilities combined according to the U.S. Department of Energy! With so much at risk, it’s crucial for homeowners to find ways to make the season as safe, comfortable, and affordable as possible.

Every Degree Counts

Homeowners can cut about 5% off their utility bills for every degree they lower their thermostat between 70 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit! Remember to lower heat in rooms that aren't being used and to especially lower your home’s heat during the day when you’re out at the office. To make your home heating as convenient as possible consider replacing your traditional thermostat with a modern programmable model which can automatically heat specific parts of your home at specific times of day.

Clean your Air Filters

Modern heating systems warm a space through a series of ducts and vents which could be located in your ceiling, floor, or walls. Wherever they are they share the need to be inspected and cleaned by professional HVAC contractors in order to keep them functioning safely and efficiently. If your air filters are not cleaned on a regular enough basis the quality of your home’s indoor air will be markedly decreased and your heating system will have to work harder to move heated air meaning that it will be subject to more wear and tear and more elevated utility costs!

Get Warm by the Fire (Especially When it Isn't Lit)

Homes with a traditional fireplace enjoy a beautiful focal point and an excellent way to augment their home’s heat but when the fireplace isn't being used it can account for about 8% of your home’s heat escaping right up the chimney! This winter, make sure that you properly seal your fireplace and that the chimney damper is perfectly operating. This step alone can save you a significant amount of money by the time winter is through.

Window and Door Weatherstripping

Gaps around your home’s doors and windows may seem like more of an aggravation than a serious problem in the winter but when viewed as a whole they invite a ton of cold air and moisture into your home! These intrusions can not only make a home uncomfortable and raise heating bills but can quickly lead to the growth of mold and mildew if they’re left untended to. Fortunately, homeowners can quickly install weatherstripping onto doors and windows to completely prevent losing heat and feeling drafts.