Squirrel removal

You might be someone who loves wildlife and finds it lovely to watch squirrels on top of trees eating walnuts and being cute. However, despite their appealing looks, they are still considered pests, just like rats and mice. 

They can cause numerous problems, from significant material damage – in insulation, electrical wires, boards, etc. – to worrying health threats, such as leptospirosis. For these reasons, you are probably looking for a way to ban them from your house. 

There are several species of this clever rodent, but, luckily, there are also different forms of squirrel removal that you can choose from. Take a look at this guide and decide which is best for you.

How to Remove Squirrels from Your House

There are many different methods of removing squirrels from someone's house. It is important to have in mind that any squirrel removal service should be done in the safest and most humane way. Sometimes simply opening up a window or door will be enough for it to get out quickly.

The best action will depend on the level of infestation you are dealing with. If there are one or two squirrels, it is still safe for you to try to solve them on your own. To get a squirrel out of your house you can use:

  • a blanket thrown over them;
  • wire-cage traps with food baits inside; and
  • box traps with food baits inside.

For the first one, it is highly recommended for you to wear strong gloves, as they can scratch and bite if they feel scared and cornered. For the food-appealing ones, use walnuts and peanuts, or even fruit slices like apples and oranges. 

Plus, blocking the holes they enter through is the best way to prevent them from even coming into your house.

How to Remove Squirrels from The Attic

When they are located in the attic or other uninhabited places, it can be a little more complicated, as they take on these spots for setting residence and procreating. The most common steps of squirrel removal from attics are: 

  1. making loud noises that frighten them away;
  2. setting up the brightest light you can, they do not feel comfortable with that; and
  3. setting around rags soaked in cider vinegar, the smell is likely to scatter them.

Mix these three methods and you will remove squirrels from the attic for good, as they will not want to stay at your house for long.

How to Remove Squirrels from Your Yard

Usually, squirrels that live outside people’s homes do not bother them. There are two situations that usually become worrying about having squirrels in your yard: you have a bird feeder that is being reached by squirrels or the population is getting out of hand.

In the first case, setting the feeder at an unreachable height is probably enough. Also, adding a baffle shaped like a cone might help avoid them. The second case can be handled with baits, traps, and cages. However, professional squirrel removal is the best and safest option on this occasion.

Should I Remove Squirrels Nests from Trees?

Remove squirrels nests trees

It is not harmful to the animal to remove nests from trees and branches, but you need to beware if there are not any squirrel babies in it. If it is empty, remove it carefully and place it elsewhere.

In the end, the safest and most humane way to remove them from your property is to hire licensed squirrel removal. They will avoid you and your family from getting hurt or even more damage to your house. Reach them out as soon as you need!