It’s that time of year again! You’ve spent all winter cooped up inside and now it’s the time again to clean out the homestead. What you may not know is that you can make the process quicker with just a few pointers. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to aid you in the annual cleanout. Feel free to use them at your discretion.

  • To save time, you can invest in a wash and wax combo floor cleaner that will both clean your linoleum, and seal the flooring at the same time. This particular kind of buffer will help your floor last longer.
  • For showers, there are a few alternative forms of cleaning to be had. You may have heard that you can fill a plastic bag with vinegar, tie it to your shower nozzle with a rubber band, and let it set overnight. The nozzle will shine like new the next morning.
  • It may sound ridiculous, but Tang can actually serve as a non-toxic cleaning solution for both toilets and dishwashers. This is great for families with pets who drink from the toilet bowl, or for when you run out of dish detergent. Simply dump a canister in and watch it clean.
  • You can actually microwave a sponge to kill any and all bacteria living in it. Simply be sure that the sponge is completely wet, and not dry at all. Keep it on high for two minutes and give it a five minute cooldown. Studies show that this can kill off 99% of all bacteria in the sponge. Just be sure to discard once it seems to be shredded.
  • An often overlooked cleaning issue is clearing off the coils to your refrigerator. Not only will this remove the dust from behind the fridge, it can also improve the efficiency to the appliance. Clearing off the coils is a twofer.
  • Without mixing the two ingredients together, a one-two punch of vinegar, and then hydrogen peroxide can completely clean and sanitize your sink perfectly. Be sure to just use one after the other, not the two combined. Let it air dry for full effect. Afterwards, if your sink is stainless steel you can polish it with a drop of mineral oil.
  • If you’re frustrated with paper towels, microfiber cloths are the reusable way of the future. These cloths can be thrown in the washer after use for unlimited re-uses. And the wide array of applications they can be used for spread from everywhere from cleaning to mechanical work. You can’t go wrong with microfiber cloth.
  • Get your family involved! As the expression goes, “Many hands make for light work.”