When the cold begins to fade and the flowers begin to bud again, there are several things you can do for your lawn to prep for the upcoming season. If you’re checking on signs of growth, pruning, trimming, or laying down the flower beds, it’s never too early to start caring for your plants and grass this year. Be sure to follow this handy checklist that will guide you through the blossoming period this time of year.

  • Basic maintenance can be as simple as checking for frost damage to your plantlife and lawn from the previous cold. Make sure you check on any surrounding stonework for frost heaves. Freezing soil can build itself upwards over the winter, creating a preventable issue for homeowners and lawn care enthusiasts.
  • Pruning can always be done, even if there’s still snow on the ground. Excess limbs can be removed from trees, deadheading can take place, and dead plant debris can be removed from the garden area. Just put on your winter gloves if it’s still too cold for you out.
  • Drainage ditches and gutters should be cleared out as soon as possible. Please remove any debris, leaves, or branches from the pathways to allow for spring rains to get amble runoff. Obstructures can cause dams to build up and become a headache for homeowners.
  • Concentrate on early spring tasks, such as planting vegetables or dividing your perennials. It even helps to start growing the plants indoors at first, making the transition easier for outdoor life and boosting survivability. You can eventually transfer the plants outside at the appropriate times.
  • Preemptive weeding of flower bed can save you time and hassle in the long run. Be sure to grab all the little weeds that will eventually turn into big ones. Additionally, mulching and bare grounds in your garden would go a long way to preventing any more weeding at this stage.
  • Top dress flower beds as soon as the grounds are dry enough. Adding compost and manure as the blanket to the bedding can give the soil and incredibly rich, nutritious dirt that will really help with your plants this year. For larger fruit and healthier plants, top dress your bedding before spring.
  • Rake everything. Rake your mulch, rake your lawn, rake the grass, just get everything ready for planting. Get every stick and twig off the yard and get ready for new plant life to thrive in your garden. Removing dead growth is essential.
  • You can start planting as soon as the ground stop being frozen. So as soon as the soil is manageable, feel free to start putting in any bulbs or shrubs for the season. It’s never too early to start spring gardening.