The warm days of spring are just getting started and the forecast ahead predicts lots of sun-soaked days to come and in 2015, just like in every year prior, as the temperature starts to rise so do the windows. That’s precisely why this spring homeowners are looking more than ever to have the most reliable windows possible while also making sure that their home looks great and performs well through even the hottest days of summer. To make that possible, it’s often a wise choice to look into what some new, specially developed energy efficient window installations can offer you and to help make sure that your window installation choice is as transparent as possible, it’s always a good idea to begin your search with thorough knowledge of the differences between the different types of windows you have to choose from. To that end, here’s a brief window into some of the benefits and drawbacks of the most popular styles of windows on the residential market today. Use this quick window style guide to make sure that your home is open to all the elegance, efficiency, and dependability that you’ll need to stay cool and comfortable in the months to come.

Double-Hung Windows

The classic, proven formula for functional windows is known as a single hung window and is, as you may expect, a basic structure consisting of a fixed top sash and an adjustable lower sash which can be raised and lowered to allow air flow. This style of window is still very much a part of the American neighborhood but is gradually being replaced by its slightly more versatile cousin. The double-hung window features two movable sashes which allow for a wider variety of adjustments to fit the homeowner’s needs. That said, with more moving parts comes the need for more thorough weatherstripping and window insulation to keep the windows as energy efficient as possible.

Bay Windows

Bay window installations are one of the fastest ways to increase the size of a room, the amount of natural light that room receives, and the beauty and property value of the home in general! These windows are actually composed of at least three windows which are installed in a format that extends away from the home creating an excellent place for a window seat installation, a desk placement, or your own indoor garden. Homeowners and homebuyers alike adore this timeless style of window and the instant decorative edge it lends to their home as a whole, however some versions of this window style are not functional, while others are only functional on the side portions and not in the middle. This distinction turns some replacement window installation planners away from bay windows as an option but with some foresight and planning the installation of bay windows can be a huge benefit to the home.

Awning Windows

Among the window experts across the country, awning window installations are seen as a perfect choice for select situations and a completely improper choice for others. Awning windows open outward in a lifting motion which can run anywhere from a slight crack to let in air to a perfectly perpendicular angle with your home’s wall. This means that homeowners can open these windows very easy, making it ideal as a over-the sink window or a basement window installation however, the style is not very accepted in other frequently populated rooms and due to the window’s design finding screens to fit the unique functioning movement is sometimes difficult and expensive.