Popcorn ceilings were very popular some time ago, and they can sure last for a long time. But many homeowners will agree that the ceilings are a bit dated. 

When you consider that there are a whole lot of modem ceiling options to go for, it follows that you’d be so interested in getting rid of your popcorn ceiling in favor of something chic and trendy. However, as with most home improvement projects, removing it requires a contractor and some safety procedures.

While popcorn ceiling removal cost will range from place to place, today I will give you an accurate estimate so that you plan accordingly! 

What is the Cost of Removing Popcorn Ceiling?

The popcorn ceiling removal service fee depends on a range of factors. First, do you intend on taking on the job on your own or do you plan to bring in a contractor? 

DIY jobs, of course, cost less because you’re not paying for labor. But unless you have some experience or background dealing with these types of ceilings, then it’s always best to hire a pro. Although this will cost you money, it ensures the ceiling is removed as appropriately as possible. 

On average, a majority of contractors will charge between $1 and $2 per square foot. This will generally translate to roughly $1,000 and $2,000 for an ordinary home. For those of you with a bigger house, expect to pay relatively more. 

There’s, however, a load of other factors that are likely going to determine how much money you pay for ceiling removal. 

  1. The height. Higher ceilings of say above 8 feet will require more money. On average, expect to pay upwards of roughly $3 per square foot. These fees are also more likely to apply for those thinking about painting popcorn ceilings. 

  2. The ceiling design also plays a role. Generally, flat ceilings are cheaper to work with and would therefore cost less to remove. But if you have cathedral type of ceilings, removal becomes a bit complicated. As a result, the contractor may charge a bit more. Typically, this would be roughly between $2.5 and $4.5 per square foot. 

  3. There’s also the issue of texture and thickness. In most homes, you’ll notice the popcorn ceiling tends to have layers of paint all over. The more layers the ceiling has the more time it will take to remove it. 

  4. Some contractors may also consider the possibility of dealing with asbestos as they remove the ceiling. If indeed your home is as dated as the ceiling itself, there’s a chance you could be dealing with asbestos on the attic and other parts of the house. In such cases, ceiling removal comes with the risk of asbestos poisoning and you will be required to pay a bit more. This is simply because dealing with asbestos calls for special expertise and skills, as well as protection.

Best Way to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

In case you intend to remove popcorn ceiling on your own, there are a few precautions and steps you must take. First, make sure you have all the protective gear. This will keep you safe all through the process. 

Additionally, removing textured ceiling will also generate a lot of dirt and debris. Make sure you have placed as many covers as possible all over your house to protect furniture and the floor. 

Always dampen the ceiling with a water scraper before you begin the removal process. It will make your work easier in the long run.

Contact a local company specialized in removing popcorn ceiling and request a free quote today!