Keeping your home organized is a huge plus. After all, an organized home is always a clean home. Besides, you will also able to find stuff easily since you clearly know where everything is. 

No one wants to live in a cluttered house. However, getting organized is not always the easiest of things. But it’s something you need to do on a regular basis and the key is to start small. 

Here are a few simple tips you can explore to get stuff organized at home:

Check the Medicine Cabinets 

The medicine cabinet should be checked regularly. Source: Unsplash
The medicine cabinet should be checked regularly. Source: Unsplash

The medicine cabinets often seem like the place where everything and anything goes. Whether it’s an avalanche of toiletry that has never been used or empty cans of medications, there will always be something that needs to be removed so it’s a nice place to start.  

It is recommended to use mason jars to organize everything in the cabinet and label it accordingly. Only keep the stuff you need as well. If there is an item in there you have never used for three or four months, toss it and create more room for the stuff that you actually need.

Deal with Your Cleaning Supplies

The cleaning supplies in your house are important because they help keep your home clean. But it’s not uncommon to find these supplies disorganized and stashed somewhere. 

  1. Gather all your cleaning supplies and take stock of everything you have. 

  2. Take a look at the stuff you intend to use over the next few weeks and keep them. 

  3. Dispose of the rest. 

If for some reason you need different supplies for a different project in the next few days, it’s better to buy them from your local store. 

Check the Junk Drawer 

We all have a junk drawer. Source: Unsplash
CaptionWe all have a junk drawer. Source: Unsplash

We all know that every house has a junk drawer. This is where everything we don’t have use for goes. And since the drawer is often tucked under a table or a cabinet, it’s a convenient place to stash away stuff. 

After all, if you can’t see the mess, then it’s not much of a problem. But you can’t afford to think this way. Instead, focus on the junk drawer. You can use drawer dividers, for example, to categorize items. Make sure you also go through the junk. 

Chances are a big percentage of this stuff is no longer useful. Just toss it in the trash to save yourself from more stress.

Gather Your Kids’ Toys

Children's toys are probably the most notorious items when it comes to organization. Since kids are always playing with them, it’s easy to find them all over the place. You can deal with this in two ways. 

First, try to buy a storage bin just for the toys and put it in the children’s room. Secondly, instill some level of discipline in kids to always return the toys to the bins once they are done with them. But in case the kids have already outgrown the toys, it may be time to give them away.

Take a Look at the Pantry

The pantry needs an efficient organization system. Source: My Domaine
The pantry needs an efficient organization system. Source: My Domaine

Labeling is everything when you are organizing the pantry. There is just so much in there that you may never be able to find what you are looking for unless there is a system in place. 

Don’t forget this rule: if there is something you have not used over the past three or four months, just get rid of it. The goal is to get rid of as much clutter as you can and this will eventually help you keep things in order.

Organizing your house can sometimes be a stressful experience. But it is something that really needs to be done. If you don’t have the time, request a free quote from a professional!