The thing to remember throughout the year is that home efficiency can always keep improving. There’s no limit to what you can save all year long just by following a few simple steps. Is your piping already sealed? Insulate it. Already have it insulated? Wrap tape around it for more insulation. There’s no end to annual savings. Otherwise the second priority is making sure your home represents you. This goes beyond keeping the homestead tidy and focuses more on the style of your new house. What designs, colors, and features do you want in your home? Read on to find out more.

Make Sure your Home is Energy Efficient

The first thing to check in a new home is whether or not it is properly insulated. This doesn’t just save you money on energy bills, it also makes your home much more efficient. Taking less time to heat and cool the house can save you money, and keeping it that way for longer will create a more energy efficient home. A well insulated attic will cut the cost of energy bills, not just in the winter, but also during the summertime. Any crawlspaces, windows, and doors should be addressed. Some estimates say that insulating your new home correctly can save an upwards of nearly 20% in a year. Start with the attic, windows, and doors and go from there.

Use Maintenance Free Materials

Especially for new homes, use more maintenance free materials. Save yourself some time, money, and stress by switching to LED lights and such. LED might be slightly more expensive, but it pays for itself within ten years. And speaking of which, these particular bulbs can last anywhere from eighteen to forty three years. Ceramic tile is possibly the toughest type of floor tile that you can pick up for cheap, plus it’s stain and moisture resistant to boot. It fits perfectly onto walls as well as floors. Also, fiber cement siding is an incredibly cheap and resilient material that can last on your home for over fifty years. These materials are incredibly economical and generally pay for themselves in time.

Streamline your New Home

You’ve just moved in and there are boxes everywhere. Unpack. Get your stuff out of those boxes and into use. Clear out the cluttered areas. Store everything in closets and drawers. Make a path. Get organized. You’d be amazed at how much nicer your home looks when it’s perfectly organized. Simplify your life and throw out the junk.

Arrange your house Based on your Needs

What do you want out of your new home? What colors do you want in your home? After you’re all unpacked, this is your chance to make your first sweep. Really go through and figure out what your new house needs and what can go. Identify which style speaks to you, and go with that. Whichever works for your home according to you.