The Fourth of July is a time for summertime fun, glittering fireworks, and celebrating with friends and family. For many of those families, that means traveling a considerable distance to celebrate with the ones they love, while for others it’s time to have guests in the house.

Those who are used to traveling for the 4th of July understand how important it is to feel welcome in a friend’s or in a family member’s home. On the other hand, being a gracious host and doing your best to make your friends and family feel relaxed and comfortable can be a very rewarding experience. There are many ways you can make your guests feel welcome that aren’t expensive or take much time, but can make all the difference in the world.

When decorating for the 4th of July, we should look for things that are all-American so that the spirit of our Founding Fathers can inspire and animate our best feelings about our country. Did you know that mason jars are sort of an American institution? They were invented and patented in Philly, back in 1857.

So we think that’s a great idea to incorporate them in this fantastic summer holiday. We have searched the web and found great ideas for you to use mason jars in a way that will make your friends and family embrace the American spirit.

1.Wand Centerpiece

Using mason jars to create a 4th of July wand centerpiece is a great way to make your own table centerpiece!
A great example of how to use mason jars in your 4th of July decorations from The Country Chic Cottage

This a great craft for you to make wonderful addition to the center of your party table and the wands become party favors for the kids once the fireworks are over. Learn how to make it here.

2. Crocheted Utensil Holders

Covering mason jars with crocheted covers is an adorable and festive way to decorate for 4th of July
Find out how to make your own adorable crocheted 4th of July mason jar covers at Petals to Picots

With a little yarn and a lot of love for your country, family and friends you can make these beautiful Patriotic Mason Jar Utensil Holder Crochet Pattern in less than an afternoon and you can use them all summer long. Learn how to make them here.

3. Flag Flower Vases

With a little spray paint, you can turn your mason jars into an American flag for 4th of July!
All you need is a little spray paint and a few mason jars to make this great 4th of July decoration from Maison de Pax

Get some spray paint and honor the upcoming holiday with these awesome flag flower vases that will say “Happy Independence Day, America” like no other decoration! Learn how to make them here.

4. Flower Flag

Use flowers and mason jars to create a stunning 4th of July centerpiece!
Use mason jars and flowers to create this stunning 4th of July centerpiece from eHow

Celebrate Old Glory with this unique red, white and blue floral centerpiece, in which flowers in mason jars come together to form the flag. Not only does it make a patriotic table decoration, the individual mason jar arrangements can be given away as party favors. Learn how to make them here.

So besides enjoying the fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, and family reunions, show your love for America through these super nice mason jar decorations. Click here to get more ideas to celebrate the country using mason jars here.