Replacing a toilet is easier than it sounds. Some people replace theirs because it’s broken. Others may have found a cuter, prettier, or more efficient toilet bowl model in their local hardware store. But before you call your plumber to install your new toilet, here are the things you will need to know that go into the job.

replacing toilet

To replace a toilet, here are the things you will need:

  1. Tools
  2. Wax Seal
  3. New toilet bowl and tank
  4. Cloth
  5. Sponge

If you don’t already have these things in your house, you can buy them from your hardware store. Now, let’s get replacing! Here’s how:

1. Remove the toilet tank.

Start by turning off the water supply valve behind your old toilet. This is important so you won’t get wet while you’re working. Next, drain the water in the toilet tank by flushing it. Afterwards, remove the tank cover. If there is still water inside the tank, use the sponge to drain it. When that’s done, disconnect the supply valve from the tank. Use a wrench to unbolt the tank from the toilet bowl. Next, lift the tank, and remember to lift with your feet. Put the old tank somewhere else.

2. Removing the toilet bowl.

Remove the bolt caps that secure the toilet bowl to the floor. Then, unscrew the bolts using your tools. Afterwards, move the toilet bowl from side to side, teetering it. This will break the wax seal underneath. Next, remove the bowl from it's place.

3. Replace the toilet bowl and tank.

Use the cloth to cover the closet flange. This will prevent the toxic gases from coming up. Make sure that the bathroom is properly ventilated while you are working. After, check the closet flange if it needs replacement. If it doesn’t, carry on. Otherwise, replace the flange. Scrape the old wax seal on the floor using a putty knife.

Take your new toilet bowl and flip it over so that the bottom is oriented upwards. Place the wax seal on top of the toilet’s bottom hole. Then, set the new toilet on top of the closet flange. Make sure you have already removed the cloth you placed earlier. Afterwards, move the toilet from side to side to break the wax seal. Secure the toilet bowl to the floor using bolts and screws. Replace the toilet tank as well. Make sure it is bolted tight.

4. Test the toilet.

Connect the water supply to the tank and turn it on. Try flushing the tank. If there are no leaks on the floor, then you’ve done it right.

That’s how you replace a toilet step by step. If you are experiencing any problem with the replacement process please contact your plumber.