Have you ever imagined having a private cloud in your living room? Probably not, but this is the proposal of The Cloud, an incredible cloud lamp, originally created by designer Richard Clarkson. If you'd love to have a cloud lamp in your room (but don't want to spend a few thousand dollars), you can easily make one yourself! Here's how.

Learn how to make an incredible DIY cloud lamp!
Making your own DIY cloud lamp is easy with the step-by-step tutorial from Can You Actually

The good news is that in order to have in your bedroom the lamp that rocked the web, you don’t need to spend all your savings (the original costs over $3k). We have found a much cheaper way, since you can actually make it yourself. And it isn’t difficult at all.

With cotton batting and string lights, you can make your own DIY cloud lamp!
By using a paper lanterns, cotton batting, and string lights, you can make an illuminating cloud lamp from Can You Actually

This DIY cloud lamp is perfect for any bedroom as a nightlight or simply a decorative (and amazing) lighting source.

Make an incredible DIY cloud lamp!
The DIY cloud lamp from Can You Actually when it's lit up

Learn how to give this touch of a playful atmosphere by creating this very charming lamp. Best of all? It’s a lot cheaper to make it yourself! Click here to learn how.