Stained glass windows - those colored glass panels - are usually associated with cathedrals and religious buildings. Recently, stained glass windows have become a preferred accent and decoration for windows in offices and homes. They come in a variety of colors and sizes ready to fit into your home. They don’t come cheap, but you can easily create your own DIY stained glass windows to enhance the overall beauty of your house. Creating your own stained glass windows is far much cheaper than purchasing one made by a professional.

So how do you get your creative juices running and create your own stained glass window?

Learn how to make your own unique DIY stained glass window!
A stunning example of a DIY stained glass window via A Beautiful Mess

For a start, you will need the following materials which can easily be sourced at any home improvement or crafts shop:

  • Plexiglas sheet
  • Leading
  • Leading strips
  • Ceramcoat or any glass paint of your choice
  • Glass paint sealer
  • Cutter or crafts knife
  • Your preferred pattern
  • A double-sided adhesive tape.
  • You’ll also need a pack of toothpicks too.

Once you have the aforementioned materials, it will be time to first measure the size of your window, and cut the Plexiglas half an inch smaller than your window’s size to get a perfect fit. Then paint on the Plexiglas trying to be as creative as possible so you can make a beautiful design. The next step is to attach the sheeting to your window. This gives the impression of a real stained glass. Remember, you never painted directly on the window glass but still achieved the same effect. This method allows you to change the design of your window any time you feel like, simply by replacing the Plexiglas sheet.

Create your own unique DIY stained glass window!
A DIY stained glass window looks incredible in any home via Design Crush

The entire process of making a DIY stained glass window may sound easy, but it is actually a very intricate operation requiring keen attention to small details. For instance, when painting Plexiglas, make sure to do it on a flat surface or the paint may run down and ruin your beautiful design. Take time to measure your windows accurately, and carry the measurement along with you to the home improvement store. Ask the store attendants to cut the Plexiglas for you. Remember, it should be a quarter inch shorter than the exact window measurement for a good fit. Cutting it this way also helps you to carry the Plexiglas without bending it.

Before you even go out shopping for the materials, take time to first decide on the best design for your room. Find a good design that complements the color scheme and the general looks of the room. You can buy ready-made designs complete with patterns and instructions for coloring at any good Arts and Crafts store near you. However, make the project a little bit personal by using more of your own creativity and designs rather than the ideas presented in the mass produced copy from the Crafts store.

Fixing the pattern is quite simple if done with steady hands. Simply place it beneath the Plexiglas and hold it securely with adhesive tape to prevent it from moving while you paint. You can see the results of your creative work through the Plexiglas. The leading strips should be carefully placed around the outlines of your pattern, and the liquid leading should be used to seal joints where one lead strip joins another. Give your design around 24 hours to dry completely before installing it on your window.

Have a beautiful DIY stained glass window you did yourself? Share it with us! We’d love to see it!