How to Build an Unforgettable Blanket Fort

We all have unique and fond memories of our childhood - birthday parties, summers on the beach, a specific playground... However there are few things that evoke such emotional resonance like that day when a parent or a close relative endeavoured to build us a blanket fort.

There was a priceless feeling of hiding in a cave made with pillows and sheets, developing plots and strategies, and trying to find ways to open windows and doors without bringing the whole thing down. Many of us share the same affection for this almost universal childhood play. The cost is zero, the comfort is high, and there are as few or as many rules as you want.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an architect in order to carry on this established tradition of building forts with pillows, blankets, and furniture. You too can create wonders that yield great hiding places! And it only gets better if it serves as ground for a movie night. So let us help you easily build a blanket fort full of fun in your room using some things you already have at home.

You will need:

  • Bedsheets
  • Duvet Cover
  • A Throw Blanket
  • Pillows
  • Clothespins
  • Bath Towel Clips
  • Rubber Bands
  • Books
  • Led String Lights
  • Led Candles
  • Dining Tray
  • Serving Bowls
  • Popcorn
  • Laptop or a TV

Follow the steps below:

1.Choose Your Location:

Finding the location is the first step to build a perfect fort.
Once you decide the location, you are ready to start building your fort. Via BuzzFeed.

 The bedroom is always a first choice, but the living room can be unforgetable. Clear the space according to how many people are going to be invited to your ultra private movies fort. As a norm of decoration, always build around what’s bigger. So if you’re thinking about having a TV set, consider building around that.

2. Set Up Your Foundation:

Start setting up the foundation with the furniture of the room.
Start setting up the foundation with the furniture of the room. Via BuzzFeed.

Okay, we said you didn’t need to be either an architect or an engineer. However some basic engineering applies. Pick out anchors for the walls and structure of your fort, bringing in chairs or other furniture as you please. Then lay down your base blanket.

3. Roof It Up:

Use towel clips and rubber bands to connect the sheets. Via BuzzFeed.


Hold your sheets with anything firm but still easy to remove — towel clips, rubber bands, and string are great. Connect your sheets together with clothespins and use books as anchors.

4 .Decorate the Interior

Throws and pillows to make it cozy and comfortable. Via BuzzFeed.
Throws and pillows to make it cozy and comfortable. Via BuzzFeed.


A comprehensive choice of blankets, sleeping bags, throws, and pillows creates a genuine blanket fort atmosphere, so be bold with textures and patterns and give a final touch with string lights.

5.Bring on the Refreshments!

No popcorn, no movie night.
No popcorn, no movie night. Via BuzzFeed.


Unwritten law: No popcorn, no movie night! Bring all sorts of refreshments into your palace of oblivion! Make it your cozy, secure and well provided haven.

6. Enjoy the show!


Leave just the fort lights on and enjoy your movie. Via BuzzFeed.
Leave just the fort lights on and enjoy the movie. Via BuzzFeed.

Turn off all of the other lights in your home, turn off your cell phones and beepers, and turn on the feature presentation on this very fun and creative movie night.

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