Concrete Driveway CostsThe cost of any concrete driveway will depend heavily on factors including desired size, environmental difficulties like uneven ground and plant life removal, and individual contractor estimates. However, driveway installations have become such a trend that there are certain costs which you can be sure to expect, simply based on the market’s history. In order to get a basic understanding of how much your driveway replacement will cost or even what a new driveway installation will cost simply use the tips in this article or those found in the incredibly in-depth overview on the Concrete Network and you’ll be much more prepared to move forward on your new driveway plans.

Calculate your material costs

Assuming you’re planning on paving a standard concrete driveway, the cost you should expect to pay is $5 to $12 per square foot, depending on the quality of concrete you use. This driveway would include no accenting borders, colors, or stamping but is an excellent starting point when figuring out a budget for the project as a whole.

Now, knowing the average price of a square foot of concrete, you can measure your driveway to begin equating how much the full installation would be. If you have the standard residential one car driveway, this likely means that you’ll be paving a space which is at most 12’ x 20’, or 240 square feet. This means that an average one car driveway being paved with standard concrete will cost at least $1,200 in materials. Of course, this doesn’t account for how much the driveway pavers will cost to contract, how much the delivery of materials will be, or any unexpected issues which may pop up along the way but it does serve as a reasonable minimum price to expect when you speak with contractors.

Planning for what driver pavers will cost

As with all home remodeling projects, it is highly advisable to consult multiple contractors about your concrete driveway. Costs are sure to vary from one contractor to another and only by obtaining a few estimates can you be sure to get the best deal, and the best quality available. Be sure to ask all potential contractors about their experience, references, and considerations on your particular project and take some time to discuss all options available with them before employing them for any particular task. It may turn out that a full driveway removal and installation could be replaced by a straightforward concrete driveway resurfacing, for example, if your contractor finds the foundation of your existing driveway stable enough. But it’s difficult to identify such distinctions without the help of an experienced professional in the field. That’s why it’s always wise to have both a basic understanding of the work you’re looking to have done and the aid of people who know how to do it before you ever begin work on a home renovation. With both you can be confident that your home will end up looking better than it ever has.