There is no doubt that the world has a huge diversity of insects and unlike what most people believe, not all insects are bad. But even then, you don’t want them finding refuge in your home. Ants, in particular, are very common household insects

It’s not really a rare thing to see an army of ants marching majestically along your kitchen walls or even on the counter. Ants tend to come out in spring and summer when the weather is permitting. You don’t need to panic though! 

There are a few easy steps you can explore to get rid of them at home.

Find Out What’s Attracting Them 

Ants can be very annoying in any household.
Ants can be very annoying in any household. Source: Country Living

The natural instinct for most people would be to do some cleaning and sweep the ants off the kitchen once they spot them. The sad part with this strategy is that, even when you sweep, after a few hours the ants will be back yet again. Instead of just treating the symptoms, perhaps it could be a better idea to go directly to the source. 

This can only be possible if you have a clear idea of why the ants are coming to your kitchen, and it’s definitely not because of the exquisite marble. If you can find out what is attracting them and get rid of it, the ants may actually move on without the need for further action. 

Consider a Repellent 

There are a few natural solutions to this problem
There are a few natural solutions to this problem. Source: Natural Living Ideas

Prevention is sometimes better than cure. Instead of waiting until the ants have already infested your kitchen, how about using a repellent to keep them off? The good news is that you can actually make simple ant repellants at home. 

Here’s how to: 

  • Start by mixing lavender oil or peppermint with water. 

  • Spray the solution around the entry points at home including the windowsill and door frames. 

Ants don’t like the scent of peppermint or lavender oil, so they are more likely to stay away. 

Also: Don’t kill the ants once the repellant has been sprayed even if they somehow manage to make it into the house. You actually want them to take back the scent to their nest. This could help you get rid of the original source of the problem.

Getting Rid of Outdoor Ants

Outdoor ants can be a headache.
Outdoor ants can be a headache. Source: Flickr

If ants are marching into your home, they must be coming from somewhere, right? The nest is, of course, the source and it will mostly be somewhere outside your house. If you can find it and get rid of it, then you won’t have to deal with an ant problem for a long period of time. 

Here are some tips on how you can do this:

Start the Search 

Well, if you want to find something, you will definitely have to look for it. Start by inspecting your home for ants. The yard and along your home’s foundation should be two good places to start the search. Most ant species tend to hide behind wet and damaged wood. In case you have wood piles lying around or some old wooden patio furniture, give it a close look.

Dealing with the Nest

Once you have managed to find the nest, it’s time to deal with the insects. You don’t actually need to do much. Just pour a bowl of hot boiling water on it. This should solve the problem. You can also use some general insecticide instead of water.

Do Some Yard Work

After getting rid of the ant nest you will also need to do some yard work just to make sure that the ants don’t return. A well-kept yard will be a great way to keep them off. Make sure the branches, shrubs, and other bushes touching your home are cleared or trimmed on a regular basis. 

It may also be a good idea to seal off any entryways including cracks and exposed crevices on doors.


If the problem persists even after doing the simple things above, you will have to call in a professional pest control contractor to help you out.