Many robbers tend to enter via the garage. Make sure yours is functioning and in good condition to keep your family safe. Most of the issues that arise with garage doors can be easily fixed and done yourself. Some common problems and their solutions are the following:

If your garage door is having problems opening or closing, the problem could be that your electric opener is not functioning properly and may need to be reprogrammed. If your garage door tends to stick when trying to open or close it, the problem could be that the metal rollers and hinges need either lubrication, cleaning, or re-alignment. If your garage door falls when it is released, then you may need to replace the potentially worn out extension springs. If your garage door frequently opens on its own, the problem may lie in the extension strings. These strings could be too strong and need to be exchanged for lighter ones.

However, bigger problems require the attention and care of a professional. The main reason to hiring a professional to fix or install a garage door is for your own safety. Garage doors can be extremely difficult to life by yourself seeing that they are very heavy and quite large. Also, if installed improperly, the garage door springs could break and the whole thing could come crashing down possibly killing or seriously injuring you. It is better to trust the professionals that are trained and know how to properly handle repairs and installments. In addition, professionals can have your garage door installed correctly the first time, safely, smoothly, and efficiently.

Garage Door Options

Add beauty to function. Make your garage doors appealing to passerby. Steel, aluminum, vinyl, and wood are just some materials that you could use to customize your garage doors.

Steel doors are extremely strong, doesn’t crack, decay, or rust, and requires practically no maintenance. It also can be lined with polystyrene foam which serves as a great insulator, keeping the garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The only downside is that steel can be bent out of shape or dented. In that case, a professional will be needed to repair the damage.                                                   

Aluminum doors are not only strong but lightweight. They are often used as frames for glass garage doors. This type of door does not crack, fade, requires little maintenance, and can come with insulation. Like steel, aluminum can also be dented; however, it is much cheaper than steel.

Vinyl does not dent, rust, crack, peel, and requires little maintenance. It also lasts a very long time, resistant to most weather conditions. This material is excellent for those homeowners under a tight budget but can still get a design and color they want. The only negative to having a vinyl garage door is that they often lack the more expensive designs that wood or steel offers.

Wood is considered a high end material for garage doors. Wood is very flexible able to match the style of any home and comes in many beautiful designs. However, wood requires more maintenance than the materials listed above. They need to be checked frequently for warping and sagging, prone to weather and moisture damage. Many experts suggests that wooden garage doors should be painted every two or three years to keep up appearances. Wooden doors also lack the insulation that aluminum, vinyl, or steel doors include.