Many homeowners choose carpet as their preferred choice of flooring. There are a lot of benefits to having carpet flooring such as comfort, aesthetics, insulation, and safety. Carpet is by far the coziest option bringing an instant welcoming feeling and comfort to any room. It is not only very soft, but also durable and able to last for several years. With carpet, you also have a wide selection of styles and colors to choose from to fit the decor of your room. Darker tones tend to give off a warmer feel while, lighter tones seem to set a calming, airy mood. The carpet can also really help enhance the look of the room by adding dimension and decoration to a bland room. Carpet flooring also serves as an excellent insulator, especially popular in places with colder weather conditions. Additionally, carpet is much safer than other materials, providing more cushion and support for elders or small children that tend to fall more often. Lastly, carpet acts as great sound barrier decreasing the noise levels made from the television, the speakers, or from heavy foot traffic. It blocks the transmission of sound from traveling to the rooms below for quieter living.

For the reasons above, it is important that your carpet is kept in good condition and cleaned regularly. By cleaning your carpets, you can prolong its life and delay the date of needing a new one. In addition, carpet tends to trap pollutants, dust mites, bugs, allergens, and bacteria that should be removed in order to maintain a healthy living environment. Dirty carpets are also disgusting to look at and unwelcoming for guests. A clean carpet speaks volumes about the personality of the homeowner and enhances the look of the room.

Cleaning Tools

Vacuuming frequently and buying carpet cleaning equipment are alternatives to hiring a professional cleaning service, but not a sure-fire way to getting rid of all the dirt particles and pollutants. In fact, if some of the power machines are used incorrectly, it could end up ruining your carpet instead of cleaning it. Some machines that you can find in stores that clean your carpet are the following: carpet extractor, self-contained carpet extractor, extraction restoration, and bonnet cleaning.

A Carpet extractor, also known as a “steam cleaner”, squirts a detergent solution into the carpet and then vacuums it back up, cleaning deeper than most machines but leaves your carpet wet.

A Self-contained carpet extractor works similarly to the carpet extractor but includes a brush that scrubs the carpet in between the solution and suction intervals. This type of machine is meant for large, industrial settings.

An extraction restoration machine adds on a rinsing element to the self-contained carpet extractor process. This helps to give the carpet a thorough flush of any lingering chemicals or dirt particles that is left from this cleaning and the previous cleanings.

Bonnet cleaning uses friction to pull dirt particles from the carpet fibers, a faster drying method but does not do as deep or thorough of a cleaning job.

If cleaning does not help and the damage to your carpeting is irreparable, then installing a new one is probably the best solution.