Every homeowner takes pride in a beautiful green lawn, and for those who don’t have it, it’s always a goal.  A healthy lawn is a great draw for anyone passing by the streets but it’s also not that easy to maintain. 

There are many things required to keep your lawn beautiful and lush, but in most cases, making sure the lawn is getting enough fertilizer already goes a long way. Think of fertilizer as the food the grass needs to blossom and grow. 

Well, in case your lawn has been looking a little jaded of late, it’s perhaps time to fix this through regular fertilization. Keep reading to learn more about this process and how much it usually costs! 

How Often Should You Fertilize the Lawn? 

Although fertilizers are an integral component of making your lawn healthy and lush, it doesn’t mean that you should dump tons of it on your property. 

A good rule, according to most landscaping experts, is to have the lawn fertilized once every five weeks. It’s also recommended to begin applying fertilizer in late March or the first weeks of April. This is normally the time of year when the grass comes out of dormancy so it will need a lot of nutrients to grow. 

However, you may also want to apply some weed prevention products at the same time as part of your normal lawn maintenance routine. 

Just like grass, weed needs nutrients to grow as well and the more fertilizer you apply, the higher the chances that you will be feeding off the weeds in the process. Applying a weed prevention product ensures that all the fertilizer nutrients go directly to the grass.

Hiring a Professional Fertilizer 

Applying fertilizer on your lawn does seem like a very basic and simple idea. To be fair, anyone with any basic gardening knowledge can do this job with ease. The biggest question though is always finding the time. Since we all live busy packed lives, it may be hard to find enough time in our schedule to fertilize the whole yard. 

This is where the idea of hiring a professional lawn fertilizer may be very helpful. But how much money would you need for such a service? 

It depends on the company you are working with. For example, we know of some lawn fertilization experts who charge a flat yearly fee of roughly between $280 and $300 for up to seven applications of fertilizer for your lawn. 

The size of your lawn will also matter a lot. Large lawns, which require much more product and labor, will obviously cost more money than smaller ones. but the overall cost to fertilize the lawn will be worth it.

DIY Fertilizing Costs 

So, what if you decided to fertilize the lawn on your own? What are the cost implications? Well, surprisingly it actually costs more to do it on your own than to hire good lawn care companies. For instance, you will need to buy the fertilizer yourself. On average, a single bag of commonly used nitrogen-based lawn fertilizers will cost you roughly $23. Additionally, a traditional standard lawn measuring around 10,000 square feet will need up to two bags of fertilizer so that takes you back $46. 

You will also need to invest in an anti-weed product. A gallon of weed control, enough for a 10,000 square feet garden, costs around $10. In case this is the first time you are applying the fertilizer, you may also need to buy a spreader, something that will cost you an additional $20 for the most basic handheld version. 

More advanced pull spreaders that offer better coverage and easy operation can cost up to $300. When you put together all these numbers, you may end up spending more money on DIY lawn treatment and maintenance than getting a professional service to help you out.

Ready to improve your yard? Contact a local landscaping company to fertilize your lawn!