Pressure washing is an excellent way of removing tough stains and other forms of debris from your house. The high-pressure water also makes cleaning easier. And while you’re advised to pressure wash often, doing it once every three months can go a long way in keeping your home clean and looking good. 

Despite this, hiring a pro to power wash house comes with a cost unless you have a power washer and the time to do the job on your own. But even then, it’s always advisable to have a professional do this for you. 

In this post, I will break down the cost of professional power washing services and give you a list of factors that may affect the pricing.

House Pressure Wash Cost 

While the cost of exterior house cleaning or power washing varies a lot from one place to the other, on average most Americans pay roughly $280 for the job. Now, this price is based on a traditional 1,500 square feet home. 

If the house is bigger, then the cost will rise. However, some properties require less time to clean. For instance, you’ll notice that homes with vinyl sidings tend to take little time to pressure wash. This may lead to a small fee as far as the cleaning costs are concerned.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Pressure Washing

As noted above, there’s an array of factors that will determine how much money you will end up paying to pressure wash your home. 

  • The extent of the cleaning needed is crucial. In case you do pressure washing regularly, then chances are your home has very little stuff to clean up. This means that it will take the professional cleaner less time and less effort to do the job, something that leads to better prices. 

  • If it’s been long since you pressure washed, then your home may be filled with mold, mildew, topical dirt, tough stains, and a lot of debris. This will then require more time and effort from the professional cleaner and the cost will be higher. 

  • The material used to make your home also plays a key role in determining the price. Some materials like clapboards or wood aren’t strong enough to withstand high-pressure cleaning. As such, the cleaner may need to use a low-pressure setting to clean them up. This takes more time and may lead to a sharp increase in the cost to pressure wash house. 

Why You Should Use a Professional Cleaner

It may seem like spending $300 for pressure washing is a waste of money. But when you think about it, it’s actually worth it. Pressure washing requires a pressure washer, some gasoline, and a few hours of your day. 

With the busy life we all live these days, it’s hard enough to find free time to clean let alone time to pressure wash. 

Secondly, it’s always important to get a professional to clean your house because they can easily identify small issues as they clean. 

For example, if there’s a mold problem in your house, a professional cleaner will be able to identify it and give you a few solutions to help you out. The great news is that this advice is included in the final cost to power wash house

Finally, the pros will get the job done fast. No one has an entire day free to clean and besides, you may need to use your house at some point. Even if it's power washing siding, the job has to be done as fast as possible. 

Well, you can be sure that the professionals have the skills and the equipment to deliver the perfect cleaning within the shortest time possible. This will then allow you to go back to your normal routine in a clean and sparkling house.

Contact a local pressure cleaning company to learn the exact costs for your home, and schedule a day to have the service done!