Adding a roof to your patio has several key benefits. First, this will help you bring more shade during summer days, making your patio more useful regardless of the weather. 

A roof can also bring out a new level of beauty and design on your patio, especially if it’s done as an extension of the house’s entire roofing. 

So, if you are thinking of adding a roof to your patio, you may wonder how much money you need. Well, this post is going to break down all the patio roof installation costs for you.

How Much Does a Patio Roof Cost? 

As with many home improvement projects, there is no predetermined pricing when it comes to patio roofing. After all, a patio roofing project can vary a lot in scope. 

For this reason, you will find that different people pay different amounts of money to get the roof set up. 

However, the average that Americans pay will range between $10 and $50 per square foot. Now, this sounds like a huge range. It’s not exaggerating. Due to the diverse nature of patio roofs, you can always expect the installation cost to vary.

What Affects Patio Roof Installation Costs?

Many key factors will typically determine the amount of money the average homeowner will pay to have a covered deck installation

Here are some of them:

The Size of the Roof 

The size of the roof you want to be installed is perhaps the most important determinant of price. And it's not hard to see why. 

If you want a bigger roof, it means you will need more supplies and more labor to get the job done. This will eventually cost you more money. It is also important to note that a patio roof does not necessarily need to be the same size as the patio itself

For example, some homeowners may still want to leave some parts of the patio uncovered and open. As such, the cover will only cover half or just a small part of the patio. 

You may also decide to have a larger roof than the patio itself that extends further away from that outdoor space. Either way, the larger the roof, the more money you are likely to pay.

Roof Design 

Patio roofs are not the same. They can feature a series of innovative designs that truly bring out the beauty of your outdoor living areas. Now, if you are looking for something simple and less costly, you can go for a flat roof design. 

Flat roofs take very little time to install and they won’t need that much expertise. As such, you are likely to pay very little for them. 

But in case you want to give your patio that luxurious look, then you can consider a more elaborate roof design. While this will cost you a bit of extra money, it will deliver immense curb appeal for the entire home.

Roofing Material

The ultimate goal for any homeowner is to pick a patio roofing material that will last long. After all, the last thing you need is to have to replace that roof just after a few months. The good news is that there is a huge variety of roofing options for the patio. 

Each of these options will also play a huge role in determining the amount of money you spend on the final deck cover cost

As a rule, you may want to do some window shopping first and decide which roofing material to go for before you start shopping.

Installation Fees

Finally, the cost to install patio roof will also be affected by the installation fees required. Installation fees are not standard since different contractors will charge different amounts of money. 

But you can always negotiate the price and get the best possible quote. However, no matter what you do, never compromise on the quality of patio roof installation.

Contact a local patio roof building company and request a free quote for your project!