One of the most long-lasting debates for homeowners having bathroom remodeling projects performed is whether a shower installation or a bathtub installation is the best option. While this answer will certainly vary from home to home there are certain aspects which are more solidly a benefit of one option and a disadvantage of the other. For homeowners interested in making the most informed decision possible these are the factors to carefully consider prior to making a final decision since these aspects can have an immediate and significant impact on everything from your home’s look and property value to its energy efficiency and cost of energy bills! That’s why we at Wisercosts have developed this quick and easy comparison of an average shower installation and an average bathtub installation to make sure that when you finally choose which feature makes the most sense for your home you’re completely satisfied by the results you receive.

Water Consumption

Broadly speaking, it has been widely accepted that bathtub installations inspire lengthier and therefore more wasteful usage than a shower installation. This means that, on average, homes with bathtubs tend to consume more water and have higher water heating bills. That said, there’s a significant amount of variation on either side of the argument with showers in particular developing low-flow shower heads and steam based showers to further reduce their water consumption. For homeowners who are primarily concerned about their home’s water consumption and the heating bills which come along with it, a quality shower installation is the best option.

Property Value

Bathtub installations and shower installations are always going to be a part of the property value of a home but unfortunately determining which one offers the most increase for a specific home’s property value is very difficult. Showers are more appreciated in urban centers where the prospective home-buyers are more likely to be on the run and in need of a quick wash in the morning while master baths are more popular in upscale, quiet, and suburban areas. That said, both bathtubs and showers are now available in an enormous variety of different sizes, materials, and styles so that it’s easy to see some sort of increase from having either. For this point, the choice between a shower installation and a bathtub installation is less important than a clear understanding of the interests of those in your area and an understanding of how the feature will fit into the greater look and feel of the bathroom remodel as a whole. Whenever in doubt, be sure to speak with your bathroom remodeling contractors about the benefits and drawbacks of both options in your area and you’ll be provided with reliable information that you can depend on.