Autumn is the perfect time to refresh your home’s interior design, and using color is a great way to create a warm, comfy environment for relaxing, snuggling in, and entertaining during the holidays. Fall color palettes are beautiful on their own, and using them for decorating your home can create just the kind of environment you’re looking for as the weather starts to change and the leaves start to drop. Color can be used to draw in the remaining outdoor lighting, create warm spaces for family to hang out in, and make a room feel that much homier...but clashing colors can make a room feel disorganized or just plain uncomfortable. Whether you’re looking to do some painting or just switch out some key accent pieces, don’t feel like you have to figure it all out on your own - check out the color combinations below for tips and inspiration!

In a Sunny Living Room

Main Color: Pumpkin Orange

Accent Colors: Tan, Wine, Warm Brown

While many homeowners shy away from using orange in their homes, it can be just the warmth you need in a living room. As the days are getting shorter and the light dimmer, using orange as a main focal point, whether it be on the walls or the fabric of a couch, can capture the lingering rays of the sun without overpowering the feel of the room. Add to that the soothing colors of tan, wine, and a warm, inviting brown, and you’ll have a perfect spot to cuddle up with your family on the chillier nights!

In a Bustling Kitchen

Main color: Bright Red

Accent Colors: Warm Yellow, Rich Brown, and Black

Kitchens are not only the heart of the home, but during fall, they’re also where the magic of delicious family meals and scrumptious desserts becomes reality. Bringing a bright red into the kitchen can help keep your energy up and your attention focused, and it looks great paired with warm yellows, rich browns, and even a touch of black that mimic the bright falls colors outside.

In a Welcoming Dining Room

Main Color: Rich Brown

Accent Colors: Pumpkin Orange, Sage Green, Beige

From back to school parties and autumnal gatherings all the way through more traditional holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, many families spend more time in the dining room during the fall than during any other season. Keeping a rich brown table and chair set as central pieces in the dining room provides a great foundation for both the wonderful meal and also a warm and inviting environment to entertain friends and family alike. Draw in pumpkin orange and sage green as accent pieces to capture the autumn colors, and set them against a beige background to bring the colors together.

In a Comfy Bedroom

Main Color: Bronze

Accent Colors: Copper, Rusty Reds, Maroons, and Chocolate Browns

Who really wants to come out from the covers when it’s cool and brisk outside? With a bedroom inspired by bronze colors, accented with coppers, reds, maroons, and browns, you may not want to leave the bedroom at all! The colors help to create a secluded, cozy area of the house where you can snuggle in and enjoy autumn’s beauty from the warmth inside. If you are considering a bedroom remodel, don’t forget warm, plush linens and accent pieces that make you feel at home!